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Which Sectors are Growing in Ireland? 2020

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This article was written in early 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic. For a more up to date list please visit our In-Demand Jobs during COVID-19 article.

Over the past decade new roles have risen in popularity, many of which didn’t exist before, economic adjustments have altered how we engage with other markets and there has been a significant shift towards more flexible ways of working.

Ireland’s position remains strong, with a 5.8% GDP increase from 2018, making us the fastest growing economy in the EU. This has created opportunities for people industry wide and nationwide, with the largest regional employment growth levels in 17 years.

For 2020, it’s anticipated that these advancements will continue and within Cpl, our recruiters are noticing a desire across all sectors for meaningful work and a healthy work life balance.

Due to Ireland’s proximity to full employment, many employers now readily offer some form of flexible work, as well as other meaningful perks and competitive pay packages to attract and retain the best talent.

If you are thinking of upskilling or are curious as to job market trends in Ireland for 2020 these are the most active sectors now according to our expert recruiters’ insights.

1. Accountancy & Finance

In a survey of accountancy and finance professionals 64% stated they planned on changing job in 2020. The good news for is if you’re working in finance and would like to move roles there are plenty of opportunities, particularly for more junior roles.

At a junior level, there’s a continued demand for recently qualified Big 4/Top 10 accountant with 0-3 PQE. Senior and managerial roles such as finance managers and specialists are also in demand, but the supply of senior-level talent is more plentiful.

To attract suitable employees’ companies are now increasingly offering flexible working options, work from home options and health and wellness programs – on top of competitive salaries.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can download the Cpl Finance Salary Guide or view all current finance opportunities on our job board.

2. Science & Pharmaceuticals

Over the past two decades, the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries have become key pillars of the Irish economy. In 2019, there were 22 biotech sites under construction and there are currently 90 bio-pharma plants in full manufacturing operations across Ireland, 40 of which are FDA approved.

If starting out your pharma career, from our experience longevity is often valued by employers. Staying in your first role for a few years, will help you develop your skills and experience and will show you’re a committed employee.

With regards to specific roles, we’re seeing a high demand for QA and QC, R&D, reg affairs and manufacturing technology transfer professionals.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can download the Cpl Science Salary Guide or view all current science opportunities on our job board.

3. Technology & Creative Design

A candidate driven market has forced companies to be more flexible when it comes to hiring software engineers and technicians. Some of the most in demand skillsets include Azure, DevOps, Apps Support, Java software engineers (C# .Net with Azure and microservices), Full stack JavaScript developers, Python developers & C++ engineers.

One the creative end, there’s been a boom in demand for UX and UI designers, and a scarcity of professionals with the right levels of experience and skills. UX is in particularly high demand specifically HTML, CSS and WordPress.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can download the Cpl Technology Salary Guide or view all current tech & IT opportunities on our job board.

4. Language Jobs

The demand for multilingual professionals in Ireland is growing, especially in the many high-tech companies that have set up HQs in Ireland. These global companies require skilled multilingual professionals to support high demands in several international markets.

However, it’s not just the tech sector experiencing a growing demand for language skills, from large multinationals to the education sector, multilingual professionals are proving more invaluable to employers.

In demand language skills are broad and range from German, Dutch and Nordic to Zulu, Afrikaans, Swahili and APAC languages such as Indonesian and Vietnamese.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can download the Cpl Language Jobs Salary Guide or view all current multilingual opportunities on our job board.

5. Engineering

Ireland’s engineering industry is thriving with new, large scale projects announced and in progress across the country. The demand for the market’s top talent is high, with clients offering competitive packages to attract and retain candidates.

Contracting is also growing in popularity, with an increase in the number of contractors – particularly amongst automation engineers, CSV engineers, CQV engineers and utilities engineers. Within perm some of the most in demand roles would include validation engineers, process safety engineers, process engineers and project engineers.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can download the Cpl Engineering Salary Guide or view all current engineering opportunities on our job board.

Looking for a job outside of these sectors? There’s plenty of those too…Find Jobs

Note: This article was originally published on in September 2016 and has been completely updated for 2020.