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Claudia Ciocca - Director, Global Talent

​With 15 years recruitment experience, Claudia leads a large team of specialist recruiters across contract, permanent and interim positions in the Customer Success, Content Review and Multilingual Sales space.

Claudia Ciocca - Director, Global Talent

Language sector assessment

It should come as no surprise that the sudden arrival of Covid has transformed the recruitment process and the number of candidates looking for a job abroad during an uncertain time.
However, within the multilingual recruitment environment, the demand for multilingual talent in Ireland stood strong and remains high as many Technology companies still required skilled, multilingual professionals to support customer demands in several international markets. Clients are looking to recruit for multilingual Content Moderators, Customer Service reps, Sales/Business Development Reps and Technical Support.
While recruitment teams and candidates were still adjusting to the new normal, a few significant trends emerged as virtual recruiting and onboarding a remote workforce became the norm for many. The No. 1 skill for recruiters and candidates to embrace in 2021-2022 is and will continue to be adaptability.

What are the underlying forces at work in the Language industry

As Covid starts slowly diminishing and life regains a bit of normality, new and more specialised recruitment trends started to emerge going forward. Covid has had a significant impact on many facets of recruitment, especially for multilingual talent who are based outside Ireland and that is evident in the rise of remote interviewing and optimising the candidate experience.
As the pandemic starts to ease up with the arrival of vaccines, the use of remote onboarding and interviews might become less frequent, still a lot of people will opt to continue using this approach.

What is attractive about the Language industry for 2022

Following the trend of the last few years, Ireland continues to be a leader in the world of cybersecurity and the multilingual industry has directly benefited from it. Cpl Global Talent recruits for 47 language markets, across 5 continents, from Albanian to Zulu.

With the recovery of the economy after the pandemic, an increasing number of corporations have set up their ambitious hiring plans for 2022. We predict to see more job opportunities arise in 2022 coming from domestic as well as international regions with new offices launching by many multinational corporations. And these roles are starting to be less Dublin centric with newer multinational roles opening in Cork & Galway. Remote work, on a full or hybrid model, is a reality within the industry and that is allowing multilingual candidates living across Ireland to start considering job opportunities that used to be only available in Dublin.
Finally, with the advances on vaccinations across Europe, candidates are becoming more willing to consider relocation to a new country as an option again.

What are the key issues facing the Language industry in 2022

A challenge at this post-pandemic scenario would be to remain competitive on a market that is once more fighting for the same talent between the organisations. The skills shortage that has impacted the sector for years is even more severe now and demands employers to be creative when hiring and training staff. Due to the quick market and economy recovery across Ireland and Europe, skilled multilingual talent is in-demand, especially speakers of German, Dutch, and Nordic languages. Organisations are keen to offer a work-life balance and re-create a more ideal working model to attract talents. Benefits include remote and flexible working schedules, learning and development opportunities, well-being programme, health insurance, share options and increased holidays (up to 25 days and unlimited holidays for about 15% of employers).

What critical skills do companies need to develop for success in 2022

It is essential to stand out, making sure your brand as an employer in Ireland is respected. It is also essential to think long-term and invest in the potential of new hires. Candidates are looking for career experience and development opportunities not just a title when they decide to leave their countries and relocate to Ireland.
The arrival of multiple new players into the market is also forcing companies to be competitive to retain their talent. Companies are realising the impact of building an employee-centric culture to help drive growth, which links to sustainable development. The power of leveraging digital platforms to reshape employee engagement and elevate business productivity cannot be neglected. Since Covid changed how we work, companies who have empowered their staff to move to remote and WFH models have gained a step on the competition.

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