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Ritchie Hogan Manager

Ritchie is the Principal team lead for the Cpl Sales & Retail divisions. Ritchie specialises in sourcing top talent in the tech sales sector from Head of departments, including Sales Manager, Account Managers & Inside Sales Executives. He has over 20 years of recruitment, sales & retail experience in busy and demanding environments which gives him a strong industry knowledge and understanding of the recruitment process.

Ritchie Hogan Manager
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The global economy has seen huge growth over the past few months due to pandemic restrictions being lifted and pent-up demand. One of the sectors which has benefitted the most from this surge in activity is Sales.
The Sales sector has been extremely active over the past year. The restrictions put in place because of Covid had a huge impact on hiring for the first few months of 2021. Many companies froze their processes and waited until they had more visibility on how the pandemic would play out. Once the restrictions on hiring were lifted the market exploded and it is has most definitely turned into a candidate-driven market.
The demand for Sales talent (UKI & multilingual) in Ireland remains high. Many companies are looking for skilled professionals for business growth and to help combat the loss of top talent to the great resignation. We are seeing demand grow for Account Managers, Inside Sales Representatives and Enterprise Sales Managers.
A few significant trends emerged such as virtual recruiting and onboarding, as a remote work force became the norm for many. In the face of uncertainty caused by Covid, the number one skill for recruiters and candidates to embrace in 2020-2021 is and will continue to be adaptability.

What are the underlying forces at work in the Sales industry

​As Covid slowly recedes, new and more specialised recruitment trends have started to emerge. Covid has had a major impact on how the recruitment process is structured, with virtual interviews widely being accepted as the new normal in the hiring process. Additionally, remote working and hybrid models have been introduced, these have brought pros and cons to the workforce.

What is attractive about the Sales industry for 2022

2022 will continue to improve the work-life balance for talent with the increased acceptance that work from home is the new norm, those who adapt will find it easier to retain their workforce. Salaries within all sectors in the Sales arena (UKI & multilingual) continue to rise, and those candidates open to changing roles can expect a salary increase as the scramble for top talent escalates.
One thing to note, is the need for qualified and experienced talent is growing. The demand in the market has led to a lot of people switching roles, leaving a gap in senior positions for a lot of employers. And while there is a need to fill these positions, most companies aren’t panicking and will wait for the right candidate. Additionally, Ireland continues to be a leader in attracting foreign direct investment, with a growing number of businesses choosing our shores as the main hub for their EMEA operations. This will give job seekers more opportunities to develop their careers with companies new to Ireland, and a chance to grow in a start-up environment. It also increases the need for language skills in the Sales sector, with a particular focus on northern European languages coming to the fore.

What are the key issues facing the Sales industry in 2022

Talent shortages - The main thing to watch next year for companies is the approach you take to attract candidates. Whilst a salary increase is a near given, most candidates are now looking at the long-term prospects and what other benefits are included, flexible working will play a major factor in attracting talent. Not taking candidate needs into consideration could have a detrimental impact on any business trying to get proven salespeople to join their teams. And while the trend is towards hybrid or fully remote working, many candidates, are looking to get into the office. Long-term goals are also at play, with many people looking at learning and development and career progress just as much as salary and working flexibility. The advice for employers is to be open and adaptable to candidates’ immediate needs and long-term objectives.

What critical skills do companies need to develop for success in 2022

It is essential for companies to stand out, making sure your brand as an employer in Ireland is respected. It is also important to think overall and look at hiring talent for potential and not just experience. Candidates are looking for career development opportunities not just a new title, especially those who decide to leave their countries and relocate to Ireland. The arrival of multiple new players into the market is also demanding companies to be competitive to retain their talent. Retention is essential in a growth market and ensuring loyalty is rewarded can help ease the burden on hiring managers.

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