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Susan Deegan Manager

Susan has been working in recruitment since 2004, specialising in Executive Search within the Supply Chain and Life Sciences industries. Susan and her team have worked on projects to staff brand new Global Supply Chain teams with start-up companies, as well as ongoing business with long term clients.

Susan Deegan Manager
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Supply Chain Sector Assessment

The Supply Chain and Procurement market is more buoyant now than any time within the last 3 years. There is a noticeable shortage of talent, and we are seeing Dublin based multinationals struggling to fill some specific positions. Especially, Buyers, Supply Chain Managers, Planners, and Logistics Managers. Recruitment and retention strategies have expanded from simply salary increases to include a more comprehensive benefits package. Employers are now including remote work as a norm, and it is no longer seen as a benefit. Supplemental benefits include more flexible hours, annual bonuses, and learning and development opportunities. Specifically subsidised college courses in addition to in house and short course learning.
Since the announcement of Brexit, the Supply Chain industry has been experiencing extremely turbulent times. All through the Brexit negotiations, companies were unsure of what direction supply lines would take in the future. Consequently, hiring stalled.
Once Brexit was finalised and regulations around Trade become (relatively) clear, the industry began to ramp up. Professionals involved in Logistics and Distribution, who traditionally worked the land bridge across the UK (United Kingdom), worked fast and furiously to get to grips with new customs and trade regulations. They also needed to find new routes to market which cut out the UK land bridge. The expansion of sea routes via Rosslare and Dublin ports has alleviated concerns around the UK Brexit bottleneck and reduced supply issues.
As with many industries, the pandemic also had an enormous influence on Supply Chain. For the initial 12 months of the pandemic, we saw many more proposed roles cancelled or postponed indefinitely. Since the beginning of 2021, there has been a notable change as companies accepted that the current situation of hybrid/remote working is here for the long-term, and it is now business as usual. This aligned well with the unpacking of the new British/EU trade arrangements and companies got back to work. One of their first tasks has been to begin aggressively recruiting for roles left open because of all the uncertainly Brexit and the pandemic brought about. All this change to the status quo has led to an increased need for talent across the board.

Procurement sector assessment

The Procurement sector has also seen an increase in hiring and there are more roles arising in Category Management, Strategic Sourcing and Operational Buying. For example, The BT Sourced company, who are continuing to hire procurement candidates have shaken up the market. As candidates leave their current roles to join BT, movement increases as more people look to take advantage of the churn it is creating and more movement in the procurement market. Food and Pharma clients across Ireland, continue to hire Sourcing Managers, particularly in the areas of raw materials and ingredients.
Ireland is a hub for Pharma and Biologics manufacturing and the increased demand for these products globally has seen major recruitment drives with existing and start up Life Sciences clients. There have been numerous high-volume recruitment drives for Production, Process and Technician roles.
Ireland is a thriving hub for both virtual and physical supply chain teams. However, there are not enough qualified graduates entering the marketplace with Supply Chain, Procurement or Logistics degrees to meet demand from the marketplace.
Regardless, we are looking forward to seeing the market continuing to grow and evolve in the year ahead.

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