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Talent Evolution Group


Áine Fanning, Managing Director - Talent Evolution Group

Áine heads up the managed talent solutions division for Cpl, leading multidisciplinary teams of recruitment, service delivery, HR and talent experience & insights professionals. Áine’s teams deliver RPO and MSP solutions to our clients across the Technology, Life Sciences, Finance and Public Sectors

Áine Fanning, Managing Director - Talent Evolution Group

Entering a new market and hiring talent quickly

Over the past few decades, Ireland has become a major hub for multinationals. The list of IDA supported companies that have EMEA or global headquarters in the country is phenomenal. The sector directly employs 300,000 people and continues to grow in strength. While these companies come from a wide range of sectors, from Technology to Life sciences and Financial Services, they all enter Ireland with specific and similar talent needs. New players in the market need to scale quickly, and they need local knowledge to do so. This is where Cpl’s RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Services come into play. 

What is RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

RPO is a cost-efficient and quickly scalable solution. It allows organisations entering a new market to hit talent targets quickly, allowing them to focus on sales and penetration. RPO solutions can be refined to the needs of organisations from start-ups, who do not have a fully developed HR (Human Resource) function, to multinationals looking to scale quickly in a new market. 

Managing the Great Re-hire

One of the key trends we’re witnessing is the explosion in job growth across all sectors of the Irish economy. Candidates are in short supply and the Great Resignation / Reshuffle continues to impact the market. Organisations are focused on rapidly hiring talent so they can capitalise on favourable market conditions and grow through 2022. The challenging talent market is the single largest blocker to achieving growth in 2022. Organisations of all sizes and needs, especially those new to the market, face several key challenges. 

  • Reaching the right talent

  • Scaling up talent acquisition

  • Diversity and Inclusion recruitment

RPO offers a swift solution to the challenges above. It is an adaptable model that can meet a wide array of needs in a challenging talent recruitment market. RPO is ideal for a mix of short-term needs, customised requirements or larger scale end-to-end hiring. 

Reaching the right talent

Whether breaking into a new market, temporarily expanding operations, or looking to recruit for precise positions quickly, expansion is one of the problems organisations are likely to have. Ireland is an attractive destination for multinationals and has a burgeoning start-up sector. 

Competition in the talent market sees a small talent pool squeezed by multiple players, which drives up costs around recruitment and empowers candidates.

This environment also creates a strong talent market, with a highly educated workforce and attractive employment opportunities, - one of the primary reasons Ireland is the ‘go to’ for international expansion in Europe. It also makes Ireland a talent market destination for highly skilled workers from across the EU (European Union). 

As an RPO provider, we have deep knowledge of the market and know how to navigate its challenges. In-house recruitment teams understand the company needs, culture and expectations. RPO brings the expertise of an experienced in-market leader in-house and helps alleviate the challenges of reaching, recruiting, and retaining staff in a complex talent market.

Cpl evolved from a traditional recruitment business to one which now operates across the entire talent spectrum. The experience and learning gleaned from over 31 years in the Ireland talent market have allowed our RPO team to develop an adaptable and in-depth project plan to meet a wide array of client needs. The RPO project plan incorporates 5 key areas for each specific project scope.

Key benefits include greater flexibility; reduced costs; improved compliance, reporting, employer brand and an exceptional candidate experience.

Scaling up talent acquisition teams and cross-functional expertise

Organisational expansion can lead to the need to assemble highly specialised project teams quickly. Whether a manufacturer needs to expand a plant and hire a PMO team, or a rapidly scaling start-up needs to provide multilingual customer support, demand falls to the TA (Talent Acquisition) team.

Most organisations have TA support tailored to their daily needs. Expansion can see a strategy of expanding the TA function or outsourcing the new hire experience. Attracting experienced TAs (Talent Acquisition Specialists) in the hyper-competitive market can prove challenging. The demand for experienced recruiters hit all-time records in 2021, with LinkedIn reporting that the need for TA skillsets was in line with technology talent. The time to hire TA talent has jumped significantly, with time to hire is now reported at 10-12 weeks up from 6-8 weeks.

The time to hire delays has a major on impact how successful internal TA teams can effectively ramp to meet the hiring needs of the business. Expansion projects are put on hold until the right TA team is in place and trained.
But with the tight talent market, new hires will not have the deep specialised experience to headhunt the quality of candidates that the business needs quickly and efficiently. A generalist approach to recruiting for the needs of the business will further slow down the hiring process.
An RPO project will provide cross-functional expertise to ensure quality candidates are targeted to meet the needs of the specific business areas. It will also shorten the time needed to get urgently needed projects off the ground.

The Cpl RPO team leans on qualified TAs and uses a cross-functional multi-disciplinary project team. These teams incorporate a dedicated recruitment operations team that will include Strategic Account Managers, TA Partners & resourcing support. We then bring in our additional support teams, which are in the areas of Recruitment Marketing, Talent Insights and Data Analytics & Reporting to support the overall project.

Diverse, equal, and inclusive

A recent study by McKinsey found that ‘Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians’. DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is about more than being a good corporate citizen, it is about having a workforce that reflects the world you live in, opening people up to innovative ideas and diminishing unconscious bias. The same study concludes, “diversity is probably a competitive differentiator that shifts market share toward more diverse companies over time.” Building DEI into recruiting strategies and company culture is key to driving productivity, creativity, and profit margins. 

Giving your RPO provider a clear understanding of your company culture and DEI goals ensures that your values are front and centre in the recruitment process.

By working with client’s teams to understand the key challenges the project will need to tackle, the Cpl RPO consultative approach allows for DEI and other strategic recruitment goals to be included in the hiring process. 

A Cpl RPO Project also includes marketing campaign support by our in-house marketing team to drive talent attraction PVP (People Value Propositions), brand awareness and DEI objectives. These campaigns support resourcing teams with strategic sourcing plans and provide a platform to attract and engage with preferred candidates at scale.