How to find multilingual colleagues for your team?

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Hungary has emerged as one of the main European destination for Shared Service Center (SSC) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies. These companies make a high demand for skilled multilingual talents in a cost-effective way for their back-office operations. This demand for multilingual professionals is high across the whole country. As a result, businessesfind themselves competing with other companies for the same pool of multilingual talent. This heightened competition can drive up salaries, intensify recruitment efforts, and make it challenging to attract and retain top multilingual candidates.

Where to find them?
Online job listings cater to multilingual professionals, but everyone is using the bigger platforms, LinkedIn is the start point nowadays. Recruiters can join groups and communities related to language learning, multiculturalism, or specific language-speaking communities. They can engage with members, share job postings, and directly reach out to individuals who fit the criteria.
Collaborating with language schools, universities, and educational institutions can give the company access to language learners and proficient speakers. Offer internships, co-op programs, or sponsor language learning initiatives to attract students who are motivated to apply their language skills in a professional setting.

The obvious: money
Salary levels within the SSC/BPO sector in Hungary vary depending on several factors, but generally we can say that salaries in this sector are competitive compared to other industries in Hungary, offering attractive remuneration packages to attract and retain top talent. By staying informed about salary trends, companies can make well-informed decisions that support talent acquisition, retention, and organizational success.

Cpl’s CEE Salary Guide shows that the SSC/BPO sector in Hungary can offer highly competitive salaries*:

  • Customer Service Representative: 550 000 - 715 000 HUF

  • Customer Service Supervisor: 875 000 - 1 250 000 HUF

  • Reportingroles: 725 000 - 750 000 HUF

  • GL Accountant: 600 000 - 1 150 000 HUF

We have to note, that when we speak about salaries, we much more speak about a compact compensation package. Next to a monthly net salary some additional employee benefits are almost are a must and expected: SZÉP-card benefits are usually a given, just like some level of private healthcare packages, extra free days and the list goes on and on. These type of beneficial systems must be based on a broader strategic decision and the company may feel that it is too big an investment at first, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

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Loyalty is not just a nice word
Once a company have already recruited multilingual colleagues, retaining and engaging them can present additional challenges. Multilingual professionals may seek furter opportunities that allow them to leverage their skills fully and contribute meaningful projects. Therefore, it's essential to create an inclusive work environment that values diversity and provides opportunities for professional growth and development to keep them.

Leveraging a company’s existing networks to find new talents seems like the easiest solution, but only if it’s really a good workplace and employees can refer them from their hearts. The company’s own employees happily reach out to out to their networks, partners, and professional contacts who may have connections to new multilingual talents, but only if they feel like it. They may be able to refer candidates or provide valuable insights into where to find them.

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Flexibility is key, not just in yoga
Beneficial trends can change, staying updated about new solutions in such a a high demand market or event invent, and test out new tools can give the company the desired advantage for the best talents.

Embracing remote work options to widen the talent pool beyond geographic constraints can really open up opportunities. Remote work allows a company to recruit multilingual professionals from even other regions, or people who can’t commute to work every day easily, people with small children or who live with physical disabilities, thus giving access to a diverse range of language skills.

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Agencies can really help
Some recruitment agencies specialize in sourcing multilingual talents. Agencies, like Cpl have extensive networks and expertise in identifying candidates with specific language skills and professional experiences, saving time and effort in the hiring process.
Recruiting multilingual colleagues adds an extra layer of complexity to the hiring process. This requires specialized screening methods, language assessments, and culturally sensitive interviewing techniques, all of which can prolong the recruitment timeline and increase resource allocation. An agency can help to save all this time for the company and lift up these task from the recruitment team.

By implementing these strategies a company can effectively build and maintain a multilingual dream team. Some unusual solutions offer creative ways to engage with multilingual talents. By thinking outside the box and exploring unconventional avenues can worthwhile the recruitment efforts.

*Sources: Average gross monthly salaries CEE Salary Guide