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Robin Craig Director, Cpl Technology

Robin leads the Cpl Technology permanent recruitment division. This team includes specialist Technology recruitment teams across the following verticals - Software Development & Engineering, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity & IT Risk, Business Analysis, PMO & Change Management, QA, Test & Automation, Emerging Technologies - AI, Blockchain, IoT and Immersive Technology and Digital & User Experience (UX, UI).

Robin Craig Director, Cpl Technology
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2021 saw the permanent recruitment market really bounce back after a challenging 12 months. Many companies parked the uncertainty around Covid and started hiring those positions which may have been put on hold previously. This coupled with the future growth indicators drove firms to increase their planned recruitment for the year and hire talent to be in place ready to deliver on these new ambitious revenue targets over the next couple of years. We are seeing demand spread across the country, 65% of roles are in Dublin, with Cork and Galway taking 25% between them. 50% of roles are in multinationals, this is followed by 20% demand from Financial Services. The most in-demand roles are Java Developer, DevOps, and Project manager.
If we look across the Technology sector there is still a massive shortage of experienced and skilled talent across all the major disciplines in Technology with Software Development, Data Management, Cyber & Information Security and Cloud-Based Engineering / Architecture being some of the most sought-after talents. Much of this talent returned overseas to their home countries during 2020, many have not returned to Ireland and are seeking a fully remote role. This combined with the lack of new talent flowing into Ireland during this period has dramatically reduced the total talent pool in the Technology sector here in Ireland.
The Technology market is extremely promising with more roles being created than the available talent necessary to fill them and this growth is set to continue into 2022 and beyond. We are seeing a continuous flow of new international companies setting up European head offices across the four provinces of Ireland with more opportunities coming from outside Dublin which for many, is a welcome change. In 2021, 65% of Technology roles were based in Dublin and 25% were based in Cork and Galway.
Candidates with many of these highly sought-after skills are demanding more flexibility regarding time spent working from home versus working from the office. This is making it difficult for firms to retain and build out their culture and company identity. In many of these companies the skilled and experienced staff want to work remotely while the less experienced hires and graduates want to be in the office learning and absorbing the skills from their more experienced team members. This coupled with the need to make your role and your organisation attractive is posing a challenge for companies heading into 2022!
In Technology, every sector is in high demand, we are seeing growth across all areas. Heading into 2022 we would see firms really expanding their Cyber & Information Security Divisions, building out their Data Management and Analysis teams while also trying to bring many of the previous outsourced operational functions in house such as QA & Test, Dev Ops, Design, and Product Management. &

Software Engineering & Development

The past year has seen unprecedented growth within Software Development as so many companies are either setting up in Ireland or growing out their teams. This has led to a very candidate-driven market with candidates looking for a remote or hybrid working environment as a main requirement when discussing a move, the past year.
We have seen significant demand with candidates from a Java and Python background as well as React and Angular. eCommerce and SAAS companies continue to be an area of robust growth.
Software Development is an extremely attractive career offering job security, high salaries, and quick career progression. Technology companies routinely take top scores among the best places to work with generous benefit packages and flexibility. It also provides more mobility than many other fields, and developers can often relocate or work remotely. Development has a wealth of interesting projects to choose from. Skilled Engineers will have the opportunity to work in technologies that fascinate them.
Software Development is still an Engineering field in its infancy. Perennial problems continue to exist, and Engineers can expect to face planning issues and overdue projects. In addition, there is a very real risk of overspecialisation in technologies that will be obsolete in the future. A successful engineer will need to devote significant personal time to opensource work, following technology news, or continuous education to keep their skills relevant.
Although there is an abundance of talented Software Developers in Ireland, the relentless demand outweighs the supply. Core languages in order of demand are Java, JavaScript, Python, C languages (C#), PHP and Go. All roles in the software Development space are in high demand. Frontend, Backend and Full Stack Engineers as well as Mobile, Web and Security Developers. The demand for Software Engineers is huge and the number is expected to continue to increase.


In 2020, The PMO space was heavily impacted because of the Covid pandemic, with many organisations refocusing their priorities and investments and as a result most planned projects went on hold for a considerable period. Thankfully, over the past 12 months the PMO space has bounced back to where we are now seeing it’s busiest ever year across all industries and roles. This was enabled by the massive increase in remote working, online training, and resilience due to Covid.
The booming PMO market we have seen over the past few months is showing no signs of slowing. As more companies focus on Agile and digital transformation delivery, this has created an extremely competitive market with lots of new opportunities presenting themselves every week. 2022 will be an exciting time to work in the projects space.
We will also see an increase in automation projects, especially across the technology market along with Blockchain technology.
As mentioned above, the surge in new companies and opportunities coming to market in 2021 has created an extremely competitive candidate controlled PMO market. Although this will be an exciting time for those working in or on the job hunt in the PMO space, recruiters and companies alike will feel the strain of this competitive candidate-controlled market. We expect to see a shortage of experienced candidates in the market in 2022. However, we will work closely with our clients to provide quality and accurate market intel as we move into the new year.
With digital transformations becoming more prominent in companies across all industries Technology Project Managers, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters and Product Managers are in high demand and will continue to be in 2022.


There are several growth drivers across the Data industry which are contributing to the high demand for talent. These include the increased volumes of data and the requirement for better informed decision making, particularly whilst trying to navigate a challenging pandemic. The result is high demand for experienced talent across Data Analytics and Data Science, with high demand for Developers and Data Engineers to support them. We have seen huge demand across all industries which has led to an increase in the average salary expectation and lower staff retention rates, with employees now staying on average 1.7 years. Our research team estimate that between 20- 25% of Data professionals moved roles in 2021 and a higher percentage are forecast to move in 2022.
With the influx in roles across the Data landscape and the demand for top talent, candidates within the space are in a strong position to be more selective with their next move. Candidates within the space are driven by the opportunities to work across the latest technologies, within an innovating company, and with more advanced analytical and data science methods. Companies with less focus on technology and innovation with more traditional processes in place have found it difficult to compete with more modern organisations.
The Data industry is a constantly evolving and transforming domain. Many organisations across Ireland are adopting better practices across Analytics and exploring more advanced ways to get more value from their data. This will lead to an increase of roles for the industry and more opportunities in Data Science for those that have been practicing and upskilling across Machine Learning and AI. There will be a huge number of new graduates within the industry and a large volume of people moving from other industries which provides opportunities for employers to invest in the next generation of talent.
The biggest challenge in 2022 will be reducing the gender diversity gap within the Data Industry.
Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Machine Learning Engineers are the most in-demand positions.


2021 was an extremely busy year for Infrastructure permanent recruitment. After the initial nervousness in the new pandemic market of 2020, both clients and candidates ramped up very quickly in early 2021. This coincided with rapidly improved global economic markets. Clients came back to the market in force and recruitment increased across all industry sectors both global and indigenous. We also had several high profile large global customers setting up new HQs in Ireland which furthered demand for Infrastructure candidates. Candidates also came back into the market in force and with more exciting technology choices and more flexibility around hybrid working models, people started to move in the market again.
Demand is still extremely high for all Infrastructure candidates. The emergence of hybrid and remote working models has been a huge plus to attract and engage more candidates. Also, the fact that clients will now consider sponsoring candidates who require visa sponsorship has also opened new candidate channels. Due to the lack of supply of candidates in the market clients will now also move and engage quicker which is a positive.
2022 promises to be another extremely busy year in Infrastructure recruitment. Positives for candidates will be exciting new roles that will offer the candidates the opportunity to join highly advanced global and indigenous technical teams. Candidates will have more choice in selecting either hybrid or fully remote roles to increase and enhance their work-life balance.
Issues facing the Infrastructure industry in 2022 will be the existing shortages of candidates, or passive candidates just treading the market. Candidates are demanding more flexibility regarding time spent working from home versus working from the office.
The most in-demand roles will continue to be all SRE, DevOps, Cloud based roles. Continued demand for Infrastructure staff and continued and increasing demand for all Cyber Security professionals.


Last year we saw an increase in-demand for Cyber Security/Information Security candidates as a direct result of the universal shift to remote working in March 2020. The new work environment has highlighted the rising vulnerabilities of companies to cyber-attacks, data breaches and other threats to their company systems and information resulting in this demand.
Skills in this area have continued to be very in-demand throughout 2021. Luckily with remote working now the norm for most companies, the talent pool has become wider with many organisations happy to look outside their typical location boundaries.
The Cyber & Information Security industry for 2022 looks likely to be as busy as last year. The continuing shift to the cloud has led to the creation of more opportunities in this area. Due to this increased demand, there may be a shortage of candidates to take on these roles but the potential for candidates to work remotely will hopefully alleviate this and ensure increased opportunity for candidates and clients alike.
Some of the most in-demand positions in this space now are, Incident Response, Dev-Sec Ops, Code Security, Penetration Testing, Risk and Control

QA & Test

After a busy start to 2021, the effects of a lack of permanent hires throughout the past 12 months of Covid really showed as there was a sudden ramp up in-demand for QA/Test Engineers of all levels across the Irish market and a lack of talent at the same time. There was an obvious demand for talent, and it was clear that a lot of companies were prepared to increase their packages and salaries to attract the talent that was available.
Into 2021, we have seen the economy recover with projects in full flight again. Companies have embraced the working from home policy which is now here to stay for many organisations. The growing and most popular trend in the QA & Test space within the daily rate contract and permanent job market is still very Automation heavy, and with Cypress seeming to be a technology becoming more in-demand. As a result, we are seeing a high demand for QA Automation Engineers with experience in Selenium, Postman, Cucumber, Cypress, GIT, Jenkins, and Test Rail.
As major international investment continues to arrive in Ireland, we envisage a busy and exciting market ahead for 2022. However, there remains to be a skills shortage in the Irish market within the QA space as passive candidates remain reluctant to move roles. There is also a shift in the contingent market as some contractors have opted for permanent roles.
The most in-demand roles right now are Mid-Senior Level QA Automation Engineers with Java or .Net/C# and Selenium or similar with experience in UI Automation. Due to the high demand, we are seeing salaries increase within this space at all levels.

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