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5 Questions you should ask in a job interview

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Despite the fact that this will happen in every interview, many people don’t think about what they should ask in an interview until the interviewer is sitting there waiting for a question.

Every interview ends in the same way. After a rundown of your CV, an outline of your experience and a few specific examples; the interviewer will give you the opportunity to ask a few questions.

This part of the interview is a great opportunity to learn more about the role and the company, as well as demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role. However, it is important that you don’t ask the wrong questions. If the first thing you ask is about salary or holidays, you won’t come across as particularly interested in the work.

Asking nothing can reflect negatively too. As far as the interviewer is concerned, this is the most important job opportunity you have ever had, there must be something you want to know.

So, what should you ask at the end of an interview?

What is the day to day like?                        

Different businesses will work in different ways so it’s important to understand exactly what your job will be like if you get the role. It’s also useful to get an idea of the size of the team, the identity of your manager and the culture within the business. This will help you to decide if you want to take the job, and demonstrate your enthusiasm to the interviewer.

What does success in this role look like?

Every job is measured in some way, this question will help you to develop a clear picture of the challenge the role will present and how you will progress. It also sends a clear signal to the interviewer that you are already thinking in-depth about the role.

What kinds of career progression opportunities are available within the company?

This one can be a little delicate. It is important to get an idea of opportunities available, and demonstrate that you are enthusiastic about career growth. However, you have to be careful that you don’t give the impression that you are already looking for the next move. The employer is hiring you to do this job, not prepare for another one.

Why do you like working here?

You can find out a lot about a potential employer online. Many companies will use their website and social media presence to demonstrate the company culture. However, you should get more from the horse’s mouth. The interviewer should be able to give you a detailed and personal indication of why this is such an exciting opportunity for you.

How will the rest of the interview process run?

This may be the most important question to ask. Every interview process is different. Some employers will make a decision within minutes of the interview, while others take weeks to confirm an appointment. Asking about the next steps in the interview will help you to plan for further interviewers or set a timeline for when you need to follow up.

No matter what you ask, make sure to ask questions that will better inform you about the role and show that you really want the job.

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