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Career Consultants specialise in outplacement and career support services across all stages in the employee lifecycle.

Established in 2007 and led by Mary Carroll, Career Consultants is part of the Cpl Group. Our approach is one of collaboration and engagement with key stakeholders, developing relationships to benefit all parties.

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​Outplacement Support Overview​

Our services include Psychometric Assessments, Employee Development, Outplacement Support, Interviewer /Interviewee training and Retirement Planning.

We also have partnerships with universities across Ireland developed to benefit the University and students. This is achieved by supporting students as they move into the workplace through a range of career support services.

We use leading technology platforms that enable us to operate remotely and offer the same level of service. Based in Dublin, we are Premium Reseller Partners of SHL Psychometric Products & Services. Our client base includes both Irish and Global organisations across eighteen industry sectors.

If you have any questions please get in touch and we can organise a meeting via phone or

​Career Consultants Services

Outplacement Services

Third Level Career Support

Psychometric Solutions

  • ​Outplacement Support & Outplacement Programmes

  • Executive Outplacement

  • Interviewer/Interviewee training

  • Retirement Planning

  • Impact of Redundancy

  • Group Workshops & On-Site Support

  • Self-Appraisal

  • CV & Interview Preparation

  • Sourcing Opportunities

  • Importance of Networking

  • Hidden Job Market

  • ​Professional Career Guidance

  • Self-Assessment

  • Skills Development

  • Course/Career Coaching

  • Targeted Job Strategies

  • Virtual Assessment & Development Centres

  • Employer Engagement

  • Career Development Opportunities

  • Career Fairs

  • Employer Visits

  • ​Psychometric Testing & Assessments

  • ​Cognitive Ability Assessments

  • Workplace Personality Profiling

  • Mobile Motivation Questionnaire

  • Report Interpretations

  • Competency Based Interviews

  • Virtual Assessment & Development Centres

  • Video Assessments

  • Live Video Interviews

  • Presentation tips


“Mary, you are the best, thanks so much!” Private Client

“Many thanks for your kind email and report. It's been a pleasure working with you and I thank you and Judy for all you’ve done this year. Finally, just to say that I’m very much looking forward to working with you again next year and building on some of the good work from previous years.” Third level College Management

“Mary, Thank for your time and expertise in the career’s sessions. Really appreciate it. Both groups were very positive about the sessions.” College Programme Director

“I just want to say a sincere thank you to yourself and Mary for the help Mary has given me with my CV. I really appreciate it. Mary worked her magic on it, and it looks great.” Private Client

“Thanks a million for your involvement in our TY programme last week. Your day was once again a huge highlight for most of the students and they gave it one of the highest ratings.” TY Programme Director

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