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Talent Transitions

Established in 2007 and led by James Sullivan, Talent Transitions, previously known as, Career Consultants, is part of the Cpl Group. In 2022 Talent Transitions joined Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group.

Learn more about Talent Transitions on the Talent Evolution Group website.


James Sullivan - Client Services Manager

James Sullivan leads Talent Transitions and focuses on its growth and development, by creating strategic and experience-led partnerships with clients throughout their journey.

James Sullivan - Client Services Manager


Talent Transitions specialise in end-to-end support for organisations and individuals at all stages of the employee lifecycle. Our approach is one of collaboration and engagement with key stakeholders and developing relationships to benefit all parties.Learn more about Talent Transitions on the Talent Evolution Group website.​

Our services include:

Psychometric Assessments:

We provide a range of Psychometric Assessments, from ability assessments to skills tests, and personality profiling. We support clients with Psychometrics for Recruitment and Selection, Internal Promotion, and Personal, Team and Leadership Development.


We support organisations and individuals through planned and unplanned redundancies. Our outplacement support & outplacement programmes cover areas such as the impact of redundancy, self-appraisal & self-marketing, the importance of networking, CV & interview preparation, and sourcing opportunities.

Interview Training:

We conduct interview training for Hiring Managers. This training also aims to increase the chances of our client businesses hiring the most appropriate candidates, based on areas including, cultural fit and experience.


“James - Thanks always for the prompt response, support and great service. You are very appreciated!”

Private Client in medical devices industry

"I think the process in relation to organising the test by Cpl was very professional. There was a high level of integrity brought to the test organisation and communication with me, with simple steps to take to allow the test to be taken. On the test itself, I thought it was excellent with very appropriate questions for the candidate, which should in turn help to determine if the applicant is somewhat suitable for the role. If the candidate/test taker has carried out practice sessions and preparation this should be evident in the result. The questions were interesting and well-balanced and the time allowed was perfect. From our side, I think it is a very good step in the hiring process"

Private client in the pharmaceutical sector

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