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As the Executive Search arm of Cpl Recruitment, Cpl Executive Search has earned a reputation for professionalism, integrity and truly exceptional customer care.

Part of a diverse group of service brands across 50 offices and 13 countries, we have developed an unparalleled network of senior contacts in every business sector.

Our search team provide a wealth of industry and functional knowledge, with more than 30 years experience of in managing senior C-suite and D-suite appointments.


Every hire is vital, but at the senior executive level, a single hire can be the difference between success and failure for your organisation. Finding those key, business-changing people requires a unique recruitment approach. Be they international interim management, or permanent executives.

For the most senior appointments, our Executive Search arm, Cpl Executive, will provide expert support, market insight and a top-class network. We work internationally with some of the world's most innovative and progressive organisations to meet their executive and senior management requests.

Our executive recruitment consultants have long-term and established relationships with high performing professionals across Europe and beyond. We harness these ensuring our relationships are routinely developed and refreshed. We know exactly where to go to find your perfect match.

Our specialist recruitment teams will help you to find the perfect person to grow your business, at every level. For the most senior appointments, our Executive Search arm, Cpl Executive, will provide expert support, market insight and a top-class network

For a discreet, confidential conversation on how we can help you with your executive recruitment needs:

Our Approach

In all Executive Search projects, our key priority is to have a deep understanding of our client organisation business needs. This enables us to effectively identify, engage and sell the opportunity to candidates who may not actively be looking for new opportunities.

We identify and target the best qualified candidates discreetly and confidentially, with the utmost focus on the reputation and integrity of both clients and candidates. We offer:

1. Complete discretion, both for clients & candidates

2. Broader scope of the search for suitable candidates including passive prospect leaders

3. Executive recruiters can tap into a global network of quality contacts

Salary Guide

It continues to be challenging to recruit and retain, in-demand, qualified staff that will drive businesses forward for the top. Getting ahead of the curve and winning the battle for talent requires innovative thinking that goes beyond salary increases and extra benefits. A company’s reputation, sustainability credentials and prospects will all feature heavily in candidates' minds.

​Our salary guide gives an in-depth look at the Executive Search sector and maps out how to success in an increasingly competitive talent market.