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Case Study: Tailored Wellness Programme Improves Engagement Scores

Tailored Wellness Programme Improves Engagement Scores

​What We Did

The rationale for this programme was to understand areas impacting employee wellbeing with a view to tailoring their needs to offer a world-class wellness programme as a benefit to employees.

The organisation had invested heavily in their wellness programme, providing health-related webinars and onsite classes and therapies. The organisation wanted to use their wellness programme as a means to increase employee engagement scores and provide a world-class wellness benefit to their employees.

​How We Did It

We took a root-cause approach, using our diagnostic tool and a series of focus groups to identify 4 key areas that were contributing to increased stress. This was broken out further by the team to identify further challenges.

It was found that the main areas of concern for employees were a lack of purpose and meaning in their role, frequently worrying about personal finances with bullying also being identified in one of the teams. These were all contributing to increased stress and unwellness across the organisation.

The revised programme included purpose and meaning workshops, budgeting and money management seminars as well as financial advice clinics. Workplace bullying prevention and intervention training, an anti-bullying campaign, and inclusiveness training all formed part of the revised programme. A structured engagement and implementation plan also supported engagement and participation.


A 3-year wellness strategy complete with an implementation plan, communication plan, and analysis for the company to embed. When analysed, the intervention saw an increase in engagement scores. Employees rated this tailored wellbeing programme higher than in previous years.

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