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Workplace Wellness

At Cpl’s Future of Work Institute, we're helping organisations redefine their Future of Wellness. As one of the largest health, safety, and wellness providers in Europe, Cpl has been offering health and wellness services for over 20 years.

Through our Future of Work Institute research, we firmly believe that health and wellness in the workplace will be a key enabler for future success and understand that as an organisation, you may be struggling to find an approach to well-being.

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Elysia Hegarty - Associate Director and Wellness Lead

​With over 15 years’ experience in Human Resource Management and the Wellness industry, Elysia has combined her expertise to partner with businesses to help develop strategies to attract, engage and retain employees.

Elysia Hegarty - Associate Director and Wellness Lead

Our wellness solutions offer all your workplace wellness services in one place under one brand, focusing on integrating health and productivity.

Using our future-focused ACED approach, we provide customised advice, design, and deployment of wellness solutions tailored to your business and employees.

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