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Workplace Wellness

Our Workplace Wellness services address why a deliberate, holistic, and strategic approach to employee health is needed to positively impact productivity, engagement, retention rates, and attract the best talent.

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Elysia Hegarty - Associate Director & Wellness Lead

​With over 15 years’ experience in Human Resource Management and the Wellness industry, Elysia has combined her expertise to partner with businesses to help develop strategies to attract, engage and retain employees.

Elysia Hegarty - Associate Director & Wellness Lead

As an organisation you may be struggling to;

  • Move away from a one size fits all approach to well-being.

  • Facilitate the needs of diverse cultures, generations, and multiple sites.

  • Increase engagement and participation rates.

  • Deliver a unique programme with a limited budget.

  • Understand the real impact of your programme.

  • Dedicate resources to design, manage and deliver the programme with multiple vendors.

To help you find a solution to these problems you need access to innovative wellness technology, strategic design solutions, and tailored wellness interventions.

Cpl has been in the health, safety, and corporate wellness space for over 18 years providing health screening, occupational health services, health & safety standards, and wellness programmes to thousands of clients.

We are one of the largest health and wellness providers in Europe and offer access to over 900 expert health coaches and over 24 health and wellness services.

Through our Future of Work Institute research, we firmly believe that health and wellness will be a key enabler for future success.

To support our clients on this journey we've created a range of wellness solutions that are tailor-made, future-focused, and suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Our Process

We provide customised advice, design & deployment of wellness solutions tailored to your business and employees. We do this through our future-focused ACED approach:

  • Audit the employee and organisation’s wellbeing needs taking a multi-dimensional approach to help pinpoint gaps and areas of focus.

  • Co-Create your bespoke wellness programme to ensure the most impactful and engaging solutions for your employees.

  • Engage employees and key stakeholders to ensure smooth delivery, participation, and increased well-being for all.

  • Drive continuous improvements using data and analytics to measure overall success, engagement and deliver your return on value.

Our employee wellness programmes offer:

  • All your workplace wellness services in one place, supplied by one vendor, under one brand.

  • Dedicated key wellness account managers to make sure your wellness programme is tailored to the needs of your organisation and employees, and you get the right support throughout.

  • The right network of health experts and coaches to deliver high-standard services.

  • Access to emerging technology including AI, intranet integration, data, and analytics.

  • Access to future trends and validated assessments.

Our specialist areas include Consultancy, Education, Personalisation, Engagement, Hybrid Delivery, and Measurement. Services within these areas include Wellness Audit Seminars, Workshops, Wellness Training, Awareness Campaigns, Health Screening & Clinics, Telehealth Services, Wellness Coaching, and Team Challenges.

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