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Interview Chairperson and Panel Member Support

Empowering Your Public Sector Talent Journey 

Does your organisation require suitably qualified professionals for public sector or semi-state interview processes? Look no further than Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group. Our extensive network of professionals, combined with industry-specific knowledge and experience, ensures that we can provide you with the right personnel when you need it to support in your hiring journey. 

Who We Are 

We are Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group, part of Cpl Group, an expert, multi-disciplinary group who focus on executing the most evolved talent solutions and experiences for your business wherever you are on your talent journey. We are a recognised leader in public sector recruitment and are a listed agency with the CPSA. Our teams have extensive recruitment experience, providing bespoke talent solutions to public sector organisations across Ireland. 

Why Choose Talent Evolution Group

Our vision is to lead in transforming clients through sustainable total talent solutions and experiences. We prioritise a client-first approach and have a long history of partnering with public sector and semi-state organisations for recruitment projects and long-term talent solutions.

Our Experience

Our expert teams have experience managing public sector and semi-state interview processes, providing our clients with:

  • Experienced Chairpersons to facilitate interviews in line with the CPSA Code of Practice 

  • Experienced competency-based interviewers

  • Gender balance on interview panels 

  • Impartial and unbiased external interview panel members

  • Sourced industry experts to sit on interview panels 

  • Experienced note takers for recording interview notes, scores and feedback 

  • Guidance on essential and eligibility criteria and competency-based interview

Our Solution

Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group have developed a network of suitably qualified professionals that can support with your interviewer and note taker needs. 

  • Professionals available to support as a Chairperson or competency-based interviewer

  • Network of interview panel members, experienced and trained in conducting interviews in line with CPSA Codes of Practice

  • Network of professionals from a range of industries and specialisms

  • Our network spans across Ireland and can support with remote and/or in-person interviews

Contact Us Today

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