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Our aim is to be the world's best at transforming our clients through total talent solutions and experiences.

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Transformational Talent Experiences

Our Transformational Talent Experiences strategy is at the core of who we are and is supported by our three guiding pillars of Future Ready, Client First and Total Solutions.

Cpl Strategy Future Ready

A provider of services and solution, Cpl will be at the leading edge of the future of work, in order to enable our clients, candidates and consultants to be future ready.

Cpl will achieve this through collaborative networks of think & do leadership, co-creation and the continued development of the Future of Work hub where our stakeholders can help invent the future with us.​


Cpl Strategy Total Solutions

Cpl is all about the client and our people supporting our clients who benefit from our strategic approach and expertise in creating new experiences. We fully understand how we can transform your business through a broad range of services and support.

We simplify the backstage processes to empower our people to become totally focused on addressing your business needs.

Cpl Strategy Client First

Cpl will design and deploy real-world ready integrated solutions that will create transformational value appropriate to the needs of our clients and our candidates.

These solutions will empower an end to end set of offerings, that will utilise the best of Cpl’s expertise, in conjunction with appropriate business and technology partners.

Work the Future with us today.

Our customised & human-centred solutions are constantly evolving to the needs of you, our clients, depending on where you are on your journey, and where within the organisation your needs lie.

These needs may be short, medium or long term. Regardless, our suite of talent solutions will enable you to flex to meet your requirements and transform your business – for now, and for the future.

Making a Difference

“Across the Cpl Group, there is a collective passion for helping others and giving back and it’s heartening to see this ethos come to the fore across the business community in Ireland and internationally.

As an ever-evolving company we aim to update and amend our approach to sustainability on an annual basis. We will continue to rely on our instinct for excellence and to listen to our people and clients in pursuit of ever more impactful ways of achieving our goals of creating a better world for us all.

Let’s all work together to make a world worth living in.

Lorna Conn, CEO

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