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Cpl Life Science Recruitment

Life Science Recruitment

Cpl Life Sciences is a niche talent solution for the Biopharma and Medical Device Technologies (MedTech) industry.

We have operations across the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe and the US where we work directly with clients to meet their needs within these regions. Our knowledge matter experts specialise in niche areas offering unparalleled expertise in the talent landscape. In short, we can deliver the best talent across every specialist role within the Life Sciences sector.

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Life Science Recruitment Overview

Life Sciences is a notoriously skill short market. Cpl Life Sciences keeps our client's needs and candidate experience at the heart of their work ensuring “lifetime” engagement of rare talent. To support this, along with the traditional sourcing tools, we train the future skills required via an extensive, Cpl funded graduate training program.

We're keeping our finger on the pulse by continuously mapping the market and building pipelines for future requirements, while our AI sourcing technology ensures that the data we have gathered on candidates is used in the smartest way, increasing efficiencies in sourcing top talent.


Cpl Life Sciences

Our services mirror that of a traditional Biopharma or MedTech company and cover all requirements from manufacturing to regulatory affairs.

All our services are provided by specialist consultants and include:

  • Full-spectrum talent solutions providing contingent permanent staffing

  • Contract / interim solutions including Managed Solutions Provider (MSP), Functional Service Provision (FSP), Statement of Work (SoW), Larger enterprise projects a full spectrum RPO solution

  • Tech and team transfer projects

Each of our consultants has an overview of the global talent landscape within life sciences and can deliver cost-efficiently for every project, large or small.

Why Cpl Life Sciences

  • Global footprint of both passive and active candidates with robust screening, candidate management and journey.

  • A one stop shop for all talent requirements.

  • Added value services from Future of Work Institute

  • Pan European Salary Guide

  • Industry Analytical Reporting

  • CMO/VP/CEO Forums “leading thought leadership in our space"

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