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​​Talent Evolution Group

We are an expert, multi-disciplinary group who focus on executing the most evolved talent solutions & experiences for your business wherever you are on your journey of growth.

We have a fundamental belief in the opportunity for you to harness innovative talent solutions. Solutions that can help you transform the cost, effectiveness, and experience of how you find, hire, and manage talent pools and pipelines- keeping you competitive in an ever challenging & globalised talent market.

Using our unique ‘elements’ approach we can bring together the most appropriate talent designs that will help you attract, recruit, and manage the best talent available.

We provide a suite of services that can be fully customised to your specific talent needs. Our ‘elements’ approach means we can design unique combinations of skills, processes & services as your talent journey evolves (which it will!) over time. It means we are always relevant, always innovative, and always ‘on’ your business.

We provide 3 distinct talent solution programs: RPO Elements, MSP Elements, and Future of Work Talent Design.

Workforce & Talent Solution innovation offers a genuine competitive advantage to organisations who purposefully harness it. In the same way companies focus on service, product and digital innovation, leaders can look to talent as a new frontier for innovation.

Áine Fanning - Managing Director, CplTEG

How we work with you on your journey

You are at the heart of any talent solution we design. That means we focus on your context; we go deep on your wants and needs and challenge your thinking in the best possible way. We co-create with you, and we supplement your ideas with even better ones.

We use a designed process to ensure excellence

​Using a designed process our first step is always on any journey of evolution is to conduct a needs analysis. This step is to understand the talent challenges you are trying to solve, the unique context of your business, and some of the risks and constraints involved.

​We will then explore possible talent solution designs that could work based on the needs analysis phase. This is where we present your realistic options, along with priority solution elements and take input to better refine and iterate the design.

This is the stage in which we signoff on the final design and detailed solution that ultimately will be implemented in the next phase. This stage focuses on all the relevant people, processes and tools thatwill be utilised throughout the engagement.

​This stage involves implementing the finalised design into your business- where various communication and change supports are provided to ensure a seamless as possible integration. At this stage some elements may have to be adjusted or added as we learn together.

​After the solution has been implemented the core team moves into management mode with a focus on excellence in delivery and on the on-going review with you of talent KPI’s, analytics and insights to continuously improve the talent solution. This phase also focuses on creating other value-added elements that may be important as the solution and you evolve.

The 360 Benefits of Talent Solutions


Meet the Team

Áine Fanning
Graham Burns
Jason Collins
Niamh O'Connor
Michelle Gallagher
Aimee Kelly
Georgina Kirwan
Fabia Marsella
Catherine Hurley
Karyn Glennon
Alison Finn
Emilia Nowak
Kristel Ticzon
Claire Donovan
Amy Corbally
Stephen Harte
Lisa Doyle Wickham