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The Future of Project Management - PMO Report 2021

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The Future of Project Management​

Earlier this year we surveyed a number of PMO professionals on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their career and their thoughts for the future.

This study contained several categories including the biggest challenges as a result of the pandemic, PMO trends for 2021, and remuneration insights.

Some key takeaways from our report included the following: 80% of respondent’s salaries increased or did not change since Covid. Despite almost 70% of people feeling positive around the impact of remote working, communication and managing the change to remote working were highlighted as challenges.

Digital transformation was rated the number one trend for the future, evoked by the move to remote working during COVID-19. Digital change is only going to accelerate, and there will be a need for more and more of the softer skills of project management going forward as we adapt to hybrid ways of work.

Now, with some organisations getting back to work and/or implementing new ways of working, our research provides key insights for employers around sentiments felt by the project management community.

It is clear that as our economy has opened up, we must be cognizant of how the world of work has forever changed since March 2020. In order to retain and attract key talent, companies need to embrace the future of work and adopt a balanced approach to presenteeism versus remote working and how a hybrid model may be the answer.

Read our full report here.

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