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9 Reasons your CV isn't enough to get the job

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If you send a lot of CVs and only ever receive standard ‘thanks, but no thanks’ responses or no response at all; it’s hard to stay positive.  It often leads people to question the employer, their CV, even their own ability. However, the problem may be that just sending your CV isn’t enough, for a variety of reasons.

Your CV might need an overhaul

It’s difficult to craft the perfect CV; many are too long, badly laid out or just strewn with errors. If you’re not getting responses to job applications, take the time to read up on CV best practice and make the required changes. A few small changes might make all the difference.

It’s a competitive market

Though the economy is recovering, the jobs market is still extremely competitive. You may not be getting responses simply because you are one of thousands of others making similar applications. Now more than ever, you need to find ways to stand out from the crowd.

Your CV has a tiny window to make an impression

Some recruiters spend as little as 6 seconds reviewing a CV. With so little time, only the very best CVs or the most recruiter-friendly CVs are likely to succeed.

Your Social Media is letting you down

More and more employers will use social media to get a fuller picture of a candidate’s personality. Anything from a stray comment to an embarrassing picture on Facebook could put off a potential employer. Make sure that you control what people see on social media and that your presence sends the right message.

You are now a publisher

As well as the potential for embarrassment, social media and blogging platforms allow any candidate to publish. You can demonstrate your expertise by creating blogs or videos that prove that you know what you’re talking about. Many candidates already use these tools to bolster their applications; you may need to become a publisher to keep up.

You need to adapt

You also have the ability to create an infinite number of CVs, cover letters and other application documentation. Every application should be unique to the job and the employer, if you are just sending a stock CV or cover letter, employers will know it.

Changing recruitment methods

Many employers are looking for new ways to recruit. Flickr recently placed a job ad in the source code of their websiteEmployers receive CVs from qualified people all the time, what they’re looking for in a hire is attitude.

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