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How your attitude could help you stand out at your next interview

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As a job seeker you often hear tips about how to format your CV or how to dress for an interview but there is a lot more to getting a job than the right clothes or the right keywords. Interpersonal skills and attitude are proving to be more and more important as the market picks up and becomes more competitive.

Yes employers are looking for individuals that are highly qualified however qualifications alone won’t make you stand out from a field of highly-qualified candidates. An employer wants someone with the right attitude that will fit well with their team and their business. Your main opportunity to use your interpersonal skills and stand out from the crowd is the interview. Here are a few tips to help you to improve your interview performance and secure that perfect job.


If you are not overly enthusiastic about an opportunity it will quickly become obvious in an interview. It is not enough to prove you are simply capable of doing; you have to actually want to do the job. Make sure that the interviewer can see your enthusiasm and interest in the company – that will be a key differentiator for them. If you clearly want the job it follows that you will be dedicated if you get it.

Can Do attitude

It is also important to show a high level of commitment in the interview. Whether this is addressing the fact that you have no problem working late, are willing to relocate to the area or just telling the interviewer how much you plan to give to the role. This shows you will potentially go “the extra mile” for this company and can add extra value beyond your qualifications and experience.


How you communicate in the interview will influence how the interviewer expects you to communicate in the job. It is very important to get your communication right in the interview. This means making proper eye contact, being detailed with your answers and engaging with your interviewer.


As much as it is important to be personable, it is equally important to remain professional throughout the interview. Engage with your interviewer but regardless of how “relaxed” you find the conversation never let your guard down or assume that you aren’t being assessed. There is no doubt that every facet of your behaviour in the interview will affect the hiring decision, right up to the moment you walk out of the door.


Remain positive throughout the interview, even if you feel you are struggling. There are interviewers who will be very tough on candidates just to see how they would react. It is important to keep your cool and remain positive throughout, no matter what the interviewer throws at you.

The skills and experience you have gained throughout your career are key parts of what makes you an employable candidate. However, your attitude and demeanour in the interview are what will help you to secure the job. You will need to keep both your technical skills and your interpersonal skills sharp to land that perfect job.

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