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18 Reasons you really want to come back to Ireland

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There was a net jobs increase in Ireland of about 33,000 last year with a predicted 40,000 more to be added in 2015. This nation of ours has become a global hub for pharma and tech companies with 9 of the top 10 multinational companies in the world located here. That growth has helped to spur jobs growth across all sectors.

According to the IDA, for every 10 jobs created through FDI another 7 are generated in the wider economy. Ireland is beginning to roar again and most Irish emigrants returning home are confident of securing a job. Those may be the most practical reasons to come home for good, but the best reasons to come home are the things you really miss, like…

Those glorious two weeks of summer

Apparently 2015 has seen the warmest days on record worldwide. Ireland on the other hand

Also known as Leaving Cert weather

Our obsession with the weather

We really love talking about the weather. 60% of people talk about the weather twice a day. Okay we’ll stop now…we promise.

The Island of saints, scholars and slagging

Our weather is trying at times but at least we have a sense of humour about it.

Quality television

Winning Streak. Need we say any more? Baffling to many, especially people who didn’t grow up with it, but we’d still go on it in a heartbeat. Just be sure not to injure yourself.

Irish phrases

When in doubt, just replace nouns with words like ‘yoke’ and people’s names with ‘yer one’ and ‘yer man’, people will get it.

Eating a 99

There are more ice creams consumed in Ireland than Italy, nearly 250,000 ice creams a day in July and August. That’s a lot of Fat Frogs!

Hang sandwich

An Irish delicacy, don’t you know.

Don’t forget tayto

The basis of many a care package, an Irish institution, and the only thing that might be a better sandwich filling than ham.

The Barrys or Lyons debate

Lyons tea found that 69% of irish people they surveyed living abroad said they missed a decent cup of tea more than a pint in their local pub.


‘Thanks, Penneys’ is now the standard expression of fashion-based gratitude across the land.

‘It’s like coming home to free stuff’

Remember all the wonderful things that were too heavy or impractical to bring with you? They’re all awaiting your return.

The scenery

Just look at how beautiful this country is.

How easy it is to get around

Be it from one side of the country to the other, down the road for a sliced pan or jump on a Ryanair flight for a weekend in Europe.

The Irish pub

The craic is ‘mighty’ and there are still some locals that can sell you some WD-40 with your pint of Guinness.

Not having to schedule conversations with your family

And not having to spend the first five minutes shouting ‘Hello, can you hear me?!’ ‘HELLO’ ‘HEL-oh never mind’.

Hugging your family at the arrivals hall

The angelus

You didn’t know you missed it until just now but you do, take a listen and then tell us you don’t.

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