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Why is interim HR Talent in demand?

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Since returning to HR Recruitment with Cpl last year, I have noticed an uplift in the number of Interim HR jobs on the market when compared to a number of years ago. The Cpl HR recruitment Team have experienced a 52% increase in the number of Interim HR assignments over the last year. This demand has increased at all levels, as organisations turn to short term talent for their deep experience and ability to deliver on projects within tight timelines.

In the UK, the Interim HR market is quite mature. It is common for HR professionals to carve out lucrative careers transitioning from one contract to the next. In contrast, the Irish market is much smaller and self-employed Interim HR professionals have to be commercial minded and well networked to compete against the large, established consulting practices

Interim roles offer long term results

Interims often bring both broad and deep sectoral understanding with fresh ideas and a different perspective to established leadership teams. Some of the recent contracts we have filled this year included maternity covers or clients seeking niche expertise such as Organisational Design, Transformation Programmes, Workforce Planning, Reward, Talent Acquisition, TUPE or Leadership Development expertise.
Organisations that are in aggressive growth mode look to add expertise in resourcing and talent management, while reward & OD specialists are often the target of larger organisations looking to put in place the right architecture to support growth. Our clients take the selection process as seriously as they would a permanent role, as cultural fit and stakeholder management skills are equally as important as technical expertise.

How are interim roles valued? 

Rewards for Interims truly vary depending on reputation, experience levels and project complexity. In recent years, mainstream HR professionals coming out of permanent roles have driven down the rates often associated with Interims. Typically day rates of pay can range from €300 per day to €1300 per day for more complex projects. Pricing structures largely depend on the volume of work being presented and the complexity of the projects and skills required. In saying this, there is a definite trend towards Fixed Term Contract as opposed to day rate compensation.  
The Interim Market is competing with the permanent market for some candidates, so clients have to move quickly and must be adaptable to attract the best talent. Job security is important to most candidates and with the upturn in the market, people will not enter into Interim roles lightly. Our clients often build in completion bonuses to retain Interim Talent, in particular for Maternity Contacts.
In conclusion, it’s positive to report that the market for Interim HR Professionals is buoyant. There can be a certain amount of compromise involved when hiring an interim HR Professional and in some niche areas, organisations can find it hard to source the blend of cultural fit and skills. We are confident that with adaptability, speed, and a strong investment, organisations can uncover some great talent and candidates can take on exciting rewarding projects.

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