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Top Tips on Navigating the First Week of a New Job

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Starting a new job can be both exciting and daunting. 

I know this first hand as I’m coming to the end of my first week in my new role as Client Services Director with CPL. Having worked in the recruitment world for 14 years I’ve learned how key it can be to get off on the right footing. 

I asked some of my new colleagues to share their best advice for ‘newbies’. Some of the answers from these seasoned Recruitment & Sales veterans made me laugh, and all advice noted guys! So how should you navigate the ‘Week 1’ journey?

    Peter Cosgrove – Group Marketing & Communications Director, Founder Future of Work Institute

    • First impressions last – your demeanour, your punctuality, doing what you said you would do – are all really important as, unfortunately, first impressions do last. It may be obvious, but make the right first impression.
    • Don’t judge too quickly. All organisations are different, so before you decide your new company is doing things the wrong way or things need to change, try to find out the reason why they are this way. There may be missing information that could change your view.
    • As well as an overall plan and objective for your role, it is good to aim for some quick wins.
    • Meet as many people as you can – you will only get busier, so take the opportunity to sit down with people. You cannot build rapport over email.


      Cormac Loughlin – Director, Client Services

      • Be a geek. Say hello to as many people as possible in the business, even if you can’t remember them.
      • Continue to be immaculately presented…….no second chance to make first impressions, and you’re in the spotlight so enjoy it.
      • Get to know “Rita” she knows where all the bodies are buried and has the low down on everyone in the business!!! Every business has a “Rita”.
      • Pick your favourite restaurant within 5 mins walk and get to know the staff. Make sure you trust them, as they will be your venting mechanism at times ( such as when you need a good glass of red wine)
      • Leave the car at home for the first few Fridays and go meet some of the team outside work hours and get to know them.

      blankRob Daly – Senior Director, Life Sciences, Multilingual & Major Accounts

      • Absorb Everything. Soak up as much information about teams, services, who does what, what do we sell, to whom, why do they use us etc.
      • Identify who can get things done; where to go when your laptop freezes or phone doesn’t work, who can help you book a room.
      • Ask lots of questions – try to sit in different teams or sit with people to understand what they do.
      • Get stuck in and seek out work. Teams could probably do with a fresh pair of eyes/ears on something so don’t be afraid to offer.
      • Add Mobile Numbers as quickly as you can; meeting so many people it’s hard to remember everybody and what they do. Save a number and add a note about them.


      blankStephen Mullin – Director Business Development

      • Align and aspire yourself to a vision and a goal that will create possibilities for all parts of the Business.
      • Find a good coffee shop nearby, start to build your new routine and feel like a ‘local’.
      • Find out where the nearest Dublin Bike Stand is located – especially with Luas strikes.
      • Try to pick up the little details and avoid the early faux pas like parking in someone else’s car parking space.
      • Try and learn people’s names as soon as possible – new colleagues will appreciate being remembered and you will quickly ‘fit in’. 

      I’m happy to say my first week has been smooth sailing thanks to the great support and welcome I’ve received from all of my new colleagues – thanks for the advice Peter Cosgrove, Rob Daly, Cormac Loughlin and Stephen Mullin!    

      And my own advice for anyone in ‘Newbie Shoes’ springs from a quote I read recently:  

      “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” –John F. Kennedy

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