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Taking the Next Step in Your Career

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It’s Monday morning, you are at your desk and that vague feeling of unease you have felt in the last few weeks has crystallized over the weekend into a decision to move on. Your trademark passion and focus have waned for your current role over the past few months. You have learned and contributed all you could have in your time there but it’s now time to focus on your future.

You visualize yourself taking the next step in your career.

A new challenge. Using the skills and experience you have gained, you see yourself carrying out the role you always wanted. The next chapter in your career has begun.

But what you might not have thought about is the amount of time it takes to get from the first paragraph to the second.

The normal (if there is such a thing) recruitment and selection process is one with many necessary but time consuming steps:

  • Job Posting
  • Sourcing of suitable candidates
  • Screening
  • Scheduling Interview
  • 2nd Interview (maybe more)
  • Medical/Reference Check
  • Offer
  • Start Date

A small delay in any one of the above can dramatically add to the overall time in getting from the beginning to the end. Considering the number of variables involved, it is reasonable to assume that something will come up; a Hiring Manager may come down with the flu, a family emergency may occur, anything could happen. Time lines can go from 30 to 90 days.

And all this occurs AFTER you have found a job you have been searching for and that excites you.
One good way to mitigate the above is never to be too far from the job market. While you may not be actively looking, it is certainly a good plan to have an idea of what is going in the market. That means research, seek out industry experts online, subscribe to relevant news sources or blogs and start networking. For even more support, from average pay scales to rumoured roles coming up, a Recruitment Consultant can be a powerful ally to help you reach your goal.

The decision to move on from you current role is never an easy one. The excitement that comes with a new challenge can blind us to the practicalities within the recruitment process. If you have a career goal, i.e. a role or position that you are heading toward, it makes sense to have a plan to get there. By having an appreciation of the recruitment process, you will have an idea of how and when to approach it.
If you are on the lookout, you can take a look at my open jobs, or if you are just curious about what is happening in the market, then please feel free to give me a call on 021-4626131 or email at [email protected] all in the strictest confidence.