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Work Anywhere: Skills that Let you Work Abroad

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66% of employers favour candidates with overseas experience – but how can you access jobs abroad? Largely, skills that allow workers to work overseas are specialist or IT based, but there are other job opportunities. If you are considering moving away these are the 6 best skillsets to have or train in:

Programming & IT skills

The technology and IT sector is often linked with job opportunities abroad and the ability to work remotely. Multinationals that offer remote programming and developer roles include Google, Accenture, Dell and Adobe. If you’d prefer to be your own boss, consider freelance programming or developing jobs. Handy freelance sites include Upwork, Flexjobs, Working Nomads or Power to Fly.

Social media marketing

Build a relationship with a brand and you can do their social media marketing from anywhere in the world. Social media marketing professionals are responsible for a varied range of tasks: email newsletters, paid-for digital advertising, social media scheduling and blogging. An office isn’t needed just invest in a good laptop, gain experience and start looking for companies who offer remote contracts.

Graphic design, illustrating & photography

The number of businesses using graphic designers is continuously increasing – from large multinationals to SMEs and startups. If you are skilled at Photoshop and InDesign and can design to a brief, then graphic design will allow you to travel and work. Illustrators and photographers also work well abroad. To increase your chances of securing regular work make connections before you go – join groups, reach out to companies and have an online portfolio ready.

Copywriting & freelance writing

If you love to write and want to travel, copywriting and freelance writing are the perfect skills to focus on. Freelance content rates are higher than in-house contracts and are popular among small and larger businesses. Freelance content can vary from advertising campaign copywriting, to specialist blogging and general website content. I know of two copywriters who regularly travel and source full time freelance work via Upwork.

Languages & translating

Mandarin/Chinese and Spanish are the best languages to learn for international business. Mandarin is the most common language worldwide, with 14.4% of the world’s population stating it as their native language. While Spanish is spoken in Spain and most of Central America and South America.

If languages aren’t your thing there are still options. There are job opportunities abroad for Native English speakers to teach English to adults and children. Necessary qualifications vary from country to country – from basic to English language teaching qualifications such as CELTA and TEFL.

Transferable skills in exchange for an experience

If none of the above professions and skills apply to you there are other ways to gain overseas experience. Innovative website like WWOOF and Work Away allow travellers to offer practical skills in exchange for accommodation and meals.

WWOOF, worldwide opportunities on organic farms, is a worldwide organisation that gives people the opportunity to volunteer on farms in over 120 countries. Work Away offers more broad opportunities from dog sledding in Iceland to marketing in Panama. Work Away also encourages participants to learn a new language while abroad.

A novel way to appeal to the 66% of employers who favour candidates with overseas experience.
Working abroad allows you to experience new cultures, grow your skillset and enrich your CV. Opportunities are constantly evolving, with opportunities across these 6 sectors and more.

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