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5 ways to gain back motivation after a holiday

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While a two week break can work wonders for your productivity it can be a double edged sword. Disconnecting from work could mean that you miss opportunities, miss deadlines, or lose momentum on long term projects. Regardless of how difficult coming back might be we’re firm believers in the necessity of breaks. Here’s how to make sure you don’t drown in the post-holiday blues and come back relaxed and raring to go.

1. Delete your unread emails

Controversial? Perhaps, but it saves a lot of time and energy.

If hitting ‘delete all’ makes you uncomfortable then give your emails a quick glance. Look for flagged items or projects that you need to catch up on but other than that – delete, delete, delete.

If it’s important enough, they’ll follow up. Our Digital Marketing Manager Exec Eoin will be talking us through this is more detail next week so stay tuned.

2. Take an extra day off

An extra day off after you get home from your holidays allows you to do things that will make your week back easier. Things like preparing your lunches, washing your clothes, and having some time to acclimatise.

If you don’t have the extra time to take, consider coming back on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. Feeling like you have everything organised, can calm the back to work fear.

3. Use time wisely 

Get a head start by coming in before everyone else and block off the day in your calendar to give yourself time to clear emails and get organised.

You might not want to, especially if you’ve gotten used to waking up late, but being in early will allow you to ease yourself back in without distraction. Then when everyone arrives you can fully enjoy catching up.  

To further ease yourself in, work with your natural rhythm. Time more difficult tasks with your natural energy levels. For example, leave emails for when your energy slumps and focus on more creative or analytical work first thing.

4. Re-align your goals

Check back in with your annual goals and re-assess.

What’s the bigger picture you’re trying to achieve? What little smart goals do you need to set out to achieve it? Are you going about your goals in the right way?

Be honest with yourself about what can you do better. This can inject an important purpose and sense of direction that will help jumpstart your motivation now that you’re back.

5. Go easy on yourself

Be realistic in what you can achieve in your first week back and organise things to look forward to.

Focus on smaller tasks that you can complete and concentrate on them. Make time for the tasks you enjoy. Love planning strategies? Use your post-holiday energy to write up that proposal you’ve been putting off, or put aside some time to write a blog. 

It’s important to have things to look forward to after work too, so make evening plans and start planning your next trip away to banish any post-holiday blues.

Whether you’ve just taken three weeks off or a weekend mini break, it can be tough to get back into a work routine. Plan ahead with a strong holiday handover and follow these 5 steps to make life post-holiday that bit easier. 

Make life easier for yourself.

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