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Give workers breaks, get better results

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Where do you get your best ideas? It's rarely in the office. More often than not it's in the car, in the shower or chatting to a friend over coffee.Workers function best when they are well rested and take plenty of small breaks. It might seem counterproductive to encourage worker breaks, but if you do you'll see over time that both employers and employees will benefit. Focus on great work, not on the extended hours people spend sitting at their desks.

Breaks Increase Productivity

Different workers work better under different circumstances. Some people can concentrate for hours on end, while others enjoy working for shorter, intense spurts. One day a worker will feel they need lots of breaks, while another they can be productive and go without. Allow employees to take breaks when they want and you will see an increase in productivity & innovation.

Better Breaks, Better Health

The simplest and most cost-effective way to reduce employees neck & back pain, eye problems and sick days is with regular work breaks. It's well known that sitting at a desk all day, and staring at a screen, is bad for workers. Encourage breaks away from desks and help maintain your worker's everyday wellbeing.

Breaks Make Workers Happier

Nearly half of workers in the world are unhappy. Help improve this depressing statistic by allowing workers to spend time building workplace relationships and giving attention to out of work relationships. It can cost up to double a worker's salary to find a replacement employee and train them properly, so it's worth your time to invest in making sure your employees are healthy & happy.

Build a Strong Company Brand

As mentioned above if you give workers regular breaks they will be happier, healthier and more productive. As a result, your employees will become brand ambassadors of your company and build a positive brand image from within the company. Always remember your company culture is your brand.

Find more information on the benefit of breaks at work in our A Rested Worker is a Productive Worker whitepaper.