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How to interview a recruitment agency

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The right recruitment agency will empower your business with great people and great business solutions. Choose the right recruitment agency and you will save time, money and improve your business. There are hundreds of recruitment agencies to pick from, here's how to interview a recruitment agency and ensure you pick the right one for your business.

Research their industry expertise

Find out what experience and expertise the recruitment agency has in your industry. At Cpl we have specialist recruiters across a broad range of industries, including: Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Information & Communications, Healthcare and Supply Chain.

A good level of industry knowledge means your recruiter will be able to offer connections, advice and a range of quality candidates. A recruiter's enthusiasm for the industry is also important. If your recruitment agency is passionate, this will aid in providing the best people for the job.

Ask their advice

Figure out what your business needs before you meet any recruitment agency. This could be simple - you want to hire one person in a specific role, or more complex - you want to hire a range of diverse team members, or you might be looking to outsource certain business solutions.

If you're not sure, ask their advice. A good recruitment agency will have experience and expertise. Listen to their solutions and you might find you need something different to what you initially thought.

No matter what your objective is, know your budget and consider all options. Once you figured it out, confirm what you will be getting and the costs involved.

Learn about your recruiter's experience

Just like you'd expect to hear about a job candidates experience, it's important to ask about a recruiter's background. Find out what recruiter you will be working with, their previous successes, or failures and other projects they are currently working on. Ideally, ask for specific case studies or client testimonials.

Finding a recruiter who has worked with a company like yours before is good, but it's not essential. Instead, focus on their process and how successful they were at matching previous client's needs.

Think about how involved you want to be and what exactly you want from the recruitment agency. Develop a relationship with your recruiter and you'll get more than just the right people for the job.

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