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Kevin Sweeney speaks at Dreamforce 18

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On Tuesday 25th September, Group IT Director Kevin Sweeney, spoke at Dreamforce 2018 to share Cpl's story of driving AI in the recruitment industry. Cpl in partnership with Salesforce have developed an AI program tohelp recruiters at Cpl find the best candidates and match them to the best job opportunities.

Dreamforce which takes place in San Francisco this week, is an innovative software conference which gathers over 170,000 members of the Salesforce community from customers to key stakeholders. Speakers at this year's conference include Al Gore, Arianna Huffington and Jeb Bush amongst other experts in the industry.

Watch Kevin being interviewed about his work below:

Cpl is making innovative advances through its application of AI to the recruitment process. The evaluation app applies machine learning to eight years of candidate and CV data to help recruitment consultants predict candidates suitability for different roles. 'We're combining the talent of our consultants with the efficiency of technology to deliver better results for both employers & job-seekers', commented Sweeney on the app. The competitive nature of the recruitment industry means speed and efficiency in finding the best candidates is crucial. A candidate evaluation app like this helps Cpl find the most suitable candidates every time.

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