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What retail jobs are in demand for 2017

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If you’re looking for a job in retail, or thinking about switching jobs within the retail industry, it can be difficult to know what roles are in demand and what job titles to search and apply for. Taking information from Cpl permanent and temporary retail job listings over the past 6 months, January 2017 to the end of June 2017, we’ve analysed the 3 most in demand retail jobs so far this year. These are the job titles we see retail clients looking to hire again and again – from Store Manager to specialist Sales Support roles…

1. Store manager 

Behind every successful retail store is a passionate and hardworking Store Manager. Store Manager jobs have been the most in demand retail role so far in 2017 – as a good store manager really is imperative to a profitable retail business.

This is a rewarding senior retail job for anyone who loves working with a team, is passionate about a store’s product and gains satisfaction from reaching targets. As this is a senior role, 2/3 years of experience in a similar role is needed, as well as experience within the area the store specialises in – for example knowledge of fashion for a fashion retailer.

Key skills for this job in retail include: Excellent leadership and people management skills, knowledge of EPOS systems, the ability to drive sales, commercial awareness and strong organisational skills.

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2. Area/Regional sales manager

Retail is Ireland’s largest industry and largest employer across the country – which means there’s always a need for Area Manager and Regional Manager roles.

A Regional Sales Manager job often involves some national travel, and is a great role for someone with a retail background who enjoys a face paced work environment and building relationships. Like the above jobs a retail background is necessary, preferably 3 + years, as well as a sales or business background.

Important personal traits to consider before thinking of becoming an Area Sales Manager include: Communication skills and ability to build strong relationships, potential to mentor and train a sales team, ability to maximise sales and manage costs effectively throughout your region and a driver’s license.

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3. Sales support specialist

As the complete customer experience, both offline and online, becomes more and more important it’s no surprise that the need for Sales Support Specialists is on the rise.

This specialist retail role involves pre-sale and post-sale customer care and would be rewarding for problem solvers. As this is a specialist role up to 4 years of customer service experience is often looked-for.

Important attributes of a Sales Support Specialist include: People person with brilliant communication skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills, ability to diffuse hostile situations, good computer skills and good judgement.

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Other retail roles we’ve helped job seekers find this year range from niche roles to more generalised retail positions such as: Duty Manager, Bathroom Sales Specialist, Sales Enablement Specialist, Merchandisers, Loss Prevention Manager, Estimator and Sales Assistants.

When you’re looking for a job in retail think about the skills you have and what job title that match these best – or get in touch with one of our retail job specialists who can you find the right job.

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