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Do employees want money or work life balance?

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The most recent Cpl Resources Employment Market Monitor(Q3 2017) found that over 40% of employers dislike the inefficiency of long meetings.

Commenting on this finding, Peter Cosgrove said: 'Employers across all sectors believe that long and badly run meetings waste a lot of their employees' time. Meetings can be useful for collaboration and information sharing, however, a lack of organisation and structure pervades and needs to be addressed to improve productivity'.

The sentiment survey which accompanies the Employment Market Monitor, was answered by 229 employers.

It also found that 82% of employers believe Millennials have a sense of entitlement unlike previous generations.

'Millennials want it all - good wages, a sense of purpose in their role, clear communication from their employers and flexible options. Pay without purpose won't cut it for this generation,'said Peter Cosgrove.

This is supported by a further finding which shows that only 15% of employers had experience of wage levels for new positions being a deal breaker. Instead they find that new hires are much more interested in establishing work/life balance in their new role.

Read all of our findings as well as information on the annual change in jobs listings below.

2017 Employment Monitor