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Momentum is key to making your perfect hire

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The boom is back, companies are hiring, and our counterparts abroad are coming home. The question is, why is the market so tight and why is the quantity of CV's being presented to you decreasing? I have noticed that a number of clients, nationwide, are looking for the same profile or discipline resulting in a tug-of-war scenario over the few active candidates on the market. Also, lots of companies are being proactive and are improving salaries or packages before an employee comes to hand in his/her notice. This means candidates are less likely to explore new opportunities. How do you capitalise on top talent when it comes your way? The answer is to be efficient, move quickly and maintain momentum.

Be efficient

Have a defined interview process prepared before you go to market and share this information with the agencies you have a good relationship with. The more information the recruitment consultant and the candidates have, the better.
It is important to ensure the candidates you have in the process understand what they have to do in order to get hired. I recommend a three-step interview process; an initial phone screening, an onsite interview with all necessary parties and possibly a follow-up call for clarity on areas that may have been overlooked. That's it.

Move quickly

Recently I have been talking to candidates who have withdrawn their application due to so much time passing between application, interview and offer. The optimistic, exciting feeling a candidate may have after submitting their application can quickly turn sour if you don't move speedily. This may result in a candidate opting out and it will make the offer process more difficult.
If your interview to hire process is more than five or six weeks you have a problem. You will lose candidates for numerous reasons, and often to a competitor. In today's market, most candidates you're interviewing are talking to other companies simultaneously. The candidate experience is an important factor, and a smooth, efficient process is a vital element in that experience.

Maintain momentum

There is no need for the whole company or department to meet each candidate. This ruins momentum and as I said above, time can kill deals. These days everyone is busy. It is important to remember that the candidate you're interviewing has a job and is taking time off to meet with you. He or she cannot afford to do this regularly. One face to face meeting with the right people involved is all you need.
If you drag your feet, you will lose candidates. By streamlining your interview process and keeping the momentum going you will ensure a good candidate experience, you will maintain a good name on the market, and most importantly, you will hire the people you want. Also, you will distil confidence in the candidate; your new employee will be confident that he or she has made the right decision to join your team.

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