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Tech jobs: What Tech skills will be in demand in 2018

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It is a candidate-driven market in the Technology sector in Ireland at the moment, and for 2018 things are going to stay in your favour. The tech sector is booming as a result of an increase of companies choosing Ireland as their EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) HQ, as well as a positive Brexit effect.

What skills are in demand right now?

Dublin’s ever-growing technology and financial sectors are creating a more diverse technical environment in Dublin. For example, Ireland has seen an upsurge in the amount of companies arriving to its shores and these companies are from a multitude of different industry type, this is creating a demand for different types of software engineers.

Brexit has been very interesting in terms of the Irish technical landscape because we are seeing more and more trading, Quant and risk companies setting up in Dublin instead of the UK. This in turn has led to different software engineers with experience in Algorithm optimisation and Quantitative experience etc.

Machine Learning and AI are also becoming more prominent, and candidates with the right skills (usually a PhD in Data Science) are incredibly sought after. Data is king nowadays so each company is doing their best at honing and optimising their datasets.

At the moment, companies are looking to hire staff quickly and often in large volumes. As a result, the following candidates are increasingly in demand:

  • Software Engineers who specialise in Java, C#, C++ or Python
  • AI engineers
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Big Data Engineers

All of the above skills are in such demand that salary levels are becoming blurred. Companies are now paying for your skills rather than years of experience – this could mean that if you join a company as a mid-level engineer you could be earning more than a senior engineer.

The technology sector in 2018

2018 will prove to be one of the most interesting years thus far for the technology sector in Ireland.  As mentioned previously, the influx of different companies due to Brexit will create many diverse software engineering roles that weren’t previously in abundance on the Irish market.

We have a vibrant start-up culture in Ireland with many SaaS and E-commerce companies vying for a stake in their respective markets. Moreover, we are seeing a steady increase of the number of American and international technology companies who will be using Dublin as their European HQ.

These market changes will create even further demand for skilled software engineers leading to more and more engineers moving to Dublin from overseas to fill this void.

In general, Dublin in 2018 will be a great place to be for anyone with technology experience or skills as there will be a wealth of varied employment options.

Specific technology trends to watch out for in 2018 include:

  • Java Microservices based on Spring
  • Full Stack Microservices on Node
  • C++ roles in the Fintech space
  • DevOps and cloud architecture
  • Big Data/Analytics
  • Machine Learning & AI

Overall it is an incredibly exciting time in the Irish tech sector as it is clearly booming and shows no signs of letting up.

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