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4 Signs it's time to quit your job

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Your alarm clock gives you shivers. Your commute has become painful. You complain about work more than anything else. You dread people asking, ‘what do you do?’

At one point or another most of us have quit a job, the reasons why are endless but there are some common signs that it really is time to call it quits…

1. You really hate mornings

Most of us hit snooze, or would rather lie in our warm beds a little longer in the morning, but if you find yourself really dreading leaving the house each day it’s probably time to quit.

We spend most of our time at work so it shouldn’t be something you dread. Once the Sunday night fear becomes the everyday fear it could be time to start looking for a new job.

2. You feel like no one cares

It might sound harsh but if you feel unappreciated at work then why should you stay put? Appreciation can be shown in different forms and different people need various levels of feedback, but we all need some level of monetary and non-monetary recognition.

When management doesn’t appreciate your hard work, or just as importantly communicate their appreciation with feedback or bonuses, it could be time to quit.

3. Being bored is your norm

Go to work, procrastinate, do the bare minimum, sit and look at your screen bored. If your workday sounds like this and there’s no option of change or challenges in sight then you should more than likely move on.

4. You can’t stop complaining

Negativity is draining for you and for everyone around you. Think about your average work day. Is it mostly filled with complaints? Does your boss annoy you? Does the cleaner annoy you? Does the weird way the kettle clicks annoy you? Do your co-workers and friends and family know every detail of your work complaints?

If you’re negative about your job and are getting sick of the sound of your own complaints, again it’s probably time to quit your job and look for a new opportunity.

These are all not so subtle signs it’s time to quit your job. If any of the above points sound familiar it’s probably a sign you’re unhappy in work. Ideally before quitting raise your issues with HR or your manager, if you don’t ask you certainly won’t get. If the outlook is still bad then begin looking for new opportunities and keep working hard in your current role.

The good news? There are plenty of jobs out there and we have a team of recruiters experienced in just about every sector who can offer job advice and guidance.

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