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Brexit Creativity Exodus

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While Bill Gates may be advocating fora tax on work done by robots, it is vital that we continue to focus on those skills that robots find hard to replicate. Creative skills and creativity in general will become ever more valuable as robots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning take over our jobs.

Moravec's paradox, essentially, highlights that what humans find easy, robots find difficult, and vice versa. For instance, asking a robot to clean a room without further instruction or even getting it to walk upstairs is particularly difficult. On the other hand, asking a human to do some of the computational equations of a super computer would take their entire lifetime

No EU, no Creativity?

One of the more interesting effects of Brexit which may not be as widely-publicised but could have huge ramifications is the potential exodus of creativity from the UK. If jobs will inevitably be lost to machines and some of the key jobs for humans will be in the creative sphere, a lot of the UK's most valuable talent could be about to leave.

We are already seeing some evidence of this:

  • Oxford University, in the wake of Brexit, is looking at opening a foreign campus where France would offer it legal status and therefore access to EU funding.
  • The critically acclaimed EU Baroque orchestra, which has been based on Oxford since 1985, is moving to Antwerp in Belgium. Emma Wilkinson, the General Manager, fears that the loss of free movement of people will make it more difficult for talented British musicians as it may be harder to get access to visas, freedom of travel, EU worker protections etc.
  • Another highly acclaimed orchestra the EUYO (European Union Youth Orchestra), which has been in the UK since 1976, is also making contingency plans to move.

Welcome to theLand of English Speakers And Creators

Creativity and innovation will be core to a company, and a country's, success in the future. These post-Brexit challengesfor the UK may be an opportunity for Ireland. Ireland is theLand of Saints and Scholarsand we need to keep thiscreativity as a key value propositionfor companies to choose Ireland for future jobs.

As we talk at length about the importance of computers in education and in business, we should not forget the importance of creativity. As Picasso said - 'computers are useless, they only give me the answers, I want something that gives me the questions.'

So we need to take advantage of Brexit and the exodus of jobs from the UK and see how this will benefit Ireland as the place to set up. With English as our first language, a proximity to the UK and an incredibly talented flexible workforce, the future is bright'�.if a little bit more metallic.

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