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4 budget apps to help you save money

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Saving money isn’t fun and for most of us it isn’t easy. In fact, according to our Employment Monitor 54% find it difficult to save each month. The reasons why we can’t save are tenfold, some of us are simply bad with our wages and enjoy treating ourselves a little too often, while some struggle to make wages stretch to cover the basics. If having nothing left at the end of the month is all too familiar one of these 4 budget apps could help.

1. You need a budget

A long standing, sensible budgeting app that aims to make you more financially aware. Key features include: easily connect and sync your bank accounts, tools to help get you out of debt, free online budgeting classes and goal tracking – to help you save or combat debt and reporting that shows your spending trends.

Who this budget app is good for: A good all rounder for anyone who is struggling to limit their daily spend.
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2. Splitwise

A handy app if you often find yourself left out of pocket after lending money to friends or family. Splitwise is particularly useful if you are in charge of paying bills as it allows you to record one off or recurring bills, who owes for what, and a history log of who has or hasn’t paid.

Who this budget app is good for: A great app for people who often forget who owes them what, or what they owe.
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3. Receipt Bank Scanner

If you often find yourself losing receipts and in turn losing out on submitting expenses, then you need to download a receipt scanner or tracker. There are lots out there but Receipt Bank Scanner is one of the simplest.

Who this budget app is good for: A handy app for those who log lots of work expenses.
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4. Revolut

Travel a lot with work or find yourself transferring money to friends or family abroad often? Save yourself stress and money by registering for a free Revolut bank card. A free account allows you free bank transfers in 25 currencies and a monthly allowance of €200 in ATM withdrawals.

Who this budget app is good for: A must have for anyone who travels regularly.
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Being aware of your spending helps you adjust how you spend and what you spend on, but as we’re all aware that’s not as simple as it sounds. Budget apps are an easy and effective way to help.

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