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Attention Hiring Managers!

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Having worked in the recruitment industry for 12 years, I have seen a lot of market changes. We have a multitude of sources to search for candidates, but yet it's proving more and more challenging to attract the right calibre of applicant.

In a candidate driven market we need to makes sure that we don't lose them in the process. Here are key points to help us all work better together.

The New Year - 2018

Since coming back in January, the volume of new roles has increased week on week with each one an urgent priority. As a recruitment consultant, this is my challenge to manage, but I really appeal to hiring managers for the next part - prioritise feedback and interviews!

Speed of response is key

In this candidate driven market getting feedback on CV's and setting up interviews quickly is key to hiring the best talent.

In the last year, the main reasons for losing candidates during the recruitment process were delays in feedback both at screening and interview stages.

Managing a booming job market

There is huge competition out there in the market all seeking the same thing - good talent. I work in Engineering and Supply Chain where the demand is huge across both sectors. It's not just these areas; my colleagues are in the same position across IT, Science, Commercial and Finance.

Recruitment Process - can we make it shorter?

We have reached nearly full employment which means most candidates have multiple opportunities to choose from. We are seeing lead times in the recruitment process from CV submittal to offer of up 90 days, which is too long. A lot can happen in this time frame, and by not prioritising interviews & feedback there is a much higher probability of losing the perfect candidate to your competition.

Candidate Care

Candidate care is my priority, so I can keep pace with their job search and manage their expectations. Where I have open communication with a hiring manager throughout the process, I see great success in terms of jobs filled. So, I appeal to hiring managers to work with me on getting the candidate over the line to ensure we attract the top talent you need.

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