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Science jobs: 4 areas hiring in 2018

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The Irish Pharmaceutical industry is booming. Ireland is the number 1 location in Europe for pharmaceutical investment. The industry employs 25,000 people directly with this number expected to grow year on year due to increased Foreign Direct Investment.

Ireland is unique – we have an open economy, a highly educated young population and a vibrant culture which helps us maintain our place as a global leader for attracting pharmaceutical industry investment.

As a result, science salaries have been rising slightly and many companies are offering flexible working options. In addition to this, relocation allowances are being offered to attract European candidates to move to Ireland. If you’re thinking of looking for a new science or pharma job in 2018, you’re in luck – especially if you’re skilled in any of the below 4 science roles:

1. Quality Assurance

A Quality Assurance or QA professional is responsible for promoting a culture of Regulatory Compliance and continuous improvement within the Quality Department of a Pharmaceutical plant and across a site. They form an integral part of the pharmaceutical plant command chain implementing quality system so that requirements and specifications for the product are fulfilled.
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2. Validation

A Validation Engineer is responsible for the creation, revision and delivery of GMP/GLP documentation to FDA regulated standards. This is a highly technical role that involves Lean Qualification to validate projects.

Validation Engineers ensure new equipment and processes are operational on time and existing equipment and processes remain in a validated state to ensure the smooth day to day running of a pharmaceutical plant.
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3. Quality Control

A Quality Control Scientist generally works with pharmaceutical companies to introduce and take responsiblity for checking products and implementing controls methods that need to be acted on as a result of a defect in production. QC is often confused with Quality Assurance, but they are two different career paths.

A QC role is more “hands on”. QCs ensure a procedure or set of procedures are implemented and performed to adhere to a defined set of quality criteria or meet the requirements for that product to be produced.
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4. Medical Device Engineers

The Medical Device industry is a very broad term for the manufacturing of devices that are generally used in the medical industry. This results in most of the professionals involved in the industry been called Engineers even though they are coming from a science background.

Pharmaceutical engineering is an interdisciplinary science that includes drug engineering, novel drug delivery and targeting, pharmaceutical technology, unit operations of Chemical Engineering, and Pharmaceutical Analysis. This lends to a large spectrum of Engineering titles such as Validation, Process, Biomedical etc. This is an area with huge growth potential and cross over with the emerging medical technology industry, leading to an even more dynamic career path within this diverse industry.
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Science is quite literally our future so if your interested in a career with multiple career paths the Pharmaceutical sector is the place to start.

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