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6 Benefits That Attract Top Tech Talent

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If you're spending a lot of resources and time trying to attract the top Tech talent to your business, without the expected results, it may be time to review your employee benefits package. You might already be offering a competitive salary range, but if your workplace benefits aren't aligned with what the current Tech talent are being provided elsewhere, then you'll continue to lose out on qualified applicants to competitors.

6 most in-demand workplace perks that attract top Tech talent:

1. Flexible schedules

A lot of tech professionals want the ability to work when they are at their best. Not everyone is at their most productive and focused at the same time, so most people enjoy the ability to set their own schedule.

However, offering flexible schedule options does not mean that the whole workday needs to be up for grabs. Many companies provide guidelines, allocating certain hours as mandatory and giving flexibility in hours at either start or end of the day. These core hours end up being used as the time to schedule calls and meetings, which allow employees to handle the rest of their workload as they see fit.

2. Remote work

Since most tech jobs can be done completed remotely, more and more tech companies embrace it and open their doors to people from around the world. This enables savvy companies to tap into a larger, more diverse talent pool, while increasing productivity and staff retention. With advances in tech tools like Slack, GoToMeeting, and even email, the need for a person to be in the same room has practically died out. Even if your company isn't ready to embrace a remote working culture, you can still offer an option to work from home once or twice a week.

3. Ongoing training

As a result of the tech world constantly changing, candidates look for companies that provide regular training opportunities. When you make ongoing training a priority, your employees keep their skills updated, and your investment makes them feel valued. This is a worthy expense, as top talent won't stay with a company that's stuck in the past.

4. A choice of technology

For Tech Project Managers, Developers, Analysts and more, a key consideration when accepting a new job is what specific tech tools, languages, solutions, and platforms they'll be working on. An opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process of which technologies are used for different projects can be a major factor in accepting or rejecting a job

5. Work-Life Balance

For many people, family and free time are the most important aspects of their life, no matter how much they love their job. Companies that understand the significance of their employees' roles outside of the workplace are rewarded with loyalty, efficiency, and positive public image. For example, Netflix has made headlines with a generous offer that allows new parents in their streaming division to take unlimited paid leave for the first year.

6. Wellness and self-care allowances

Wellness and health-related perks are incredibly popular. You want your employees to be healthy and happy, so offering wellness packages with on-site gyms, in-office yoga or pilates, as well as mindfulness classes, regular wellness seminars focusing on stress management and healthy living are a win-win for all.

Wellness is a shared interest among various generations and has proven to help with workplace productivity and overall employee well-being.

While this isn't an exhaustive list of workplace benefits, it's a great start if you are looking to shift your company culture to reach and retain top tech talent. With many tech jobs available in a fairly limited talent pool, the companies that match competitive pay with employee-centric perks will win the best talent.