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Life as a Tech Recruiter: My First Weeks as a Recruiter

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My first 9 months in Cpl has been a total whirl wind and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I joined the Cpl Technology recruitment team back in May 2017, as a Summer Intern and became a permanent employee in September.

Stepping out of my comfort zone from my previous career in retail seemed like a big risk to take as recruitment seemed like a totally unrelated field. What could have been a daunting experience was in fact very transforming.

You could say taking that risk was the best thing I ever did. There’s lots of crossover from the skills I used in retail management and I have learned so much about the importance of listening to client’s needs, timely response to client’s challenges and building relationships with candidates and clients alike.

Joining the Cpl Technology Team

On joining the team, I worked alongside Wes O’Brien on the Infrastructure Desk. I can’t thank Wes enough for the great training along with group training with the Learning and Development team in Cpl. Having spent 4 months on the Infrastructure Desk, I was given the opportunity to move over to the Development Desk to work with Ciaran Curtin who has also been a great coach and mentor.

The Technology team as a whole is a very welcoming environment with a great team culture. Through the initial training sessions, I got great insights into my strengths; my motivators and opportunities for self-development.

Along with developing my career in recruitment, Cpl has accommodated the fact that I am still pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management by providing study leave when I have exams and also allowing some flexibility when I am attending lectures.

In general, the whole team at Cpl encourage business development opportunities and we work together to develop the business both within the technology team and more broadly. We all bring our networks and client relationships to support all areas of the business. Overall, my experience to date with Technology recruitment and more broadly in Cpl as a whole, has been great and I look forward to progressing within Cpl over the next number of years.

I am currently recruiting for a number of junior, mid-level and senior Developer roles. If you are looking for a new dev opportunity, please get in touch.

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