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Personality traits to look for in tech talent

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Hiring for any position can be difficult but hiring tech talent has its own unique set of challenges.

As the industry continues to evolve and change at speed, hiring technology candidates is especially challenging so it's important to look out for certain personality traits - not just technical ability.

To ensure you hire tech talent that will enhance your team into the future look out for the following qualities when interviewing:

1) Eagerness to learn

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, so it's imperative that an individual is motivated to continually learn and upskill. Look for someone who has in-depth industry knowledge and is not restrained by technology, platform or tool, but attached to a concept and a quick learner.

The eager learner might have had a career change, has extracurriculars they are passionate about or loves to volunteer. People who seek out changes are creative, open, and can substantially change and enhance the work your team can do.

2) Passion

Programming, coding and other skills can be taught; confidence and behaviours can be trained, but career passion can't.

The energy, enthusiasm and ambition a tech employee has will help dictate the creative solutions they are capable of. While competency is necessary for your present needs, passion will ensure your new hire strives for innovative and is committed to challenges.

3) The ability to stay calm under pressure

Due to changes in technology, today's new hires need to be able to adapt and deliver results under pressure and tight deadlines.

Candidates that stay calm under stress will be able to find innovative solutions and keep the team spirit up when things get tough.

4) Ability to collaborate

Collaborative problem solving is a vital trait in key technical hires. You are looking for a team player that will contribute to a great idea, but if it becomes clear it's not the right approach, will back off.

An employee who can effectively collaborate will be more likely to work well with others - within and outside their team - and engage a broad audience within the organisation to drive, and arrive at, the best possible results.

5) Entrepreneurial spirit

An entrepreneurial person who is self-driven and results-focused is naturally suited for today's tech industry. Those with entrepreneurial spirit are capable of taking ownership, adapting to frequent changes and learning new skills.

6) Cultural match

Each new hire needs to fit into the current work culture of the team. Hiring a disruptive employee, who for example doesn't understand your company's mission, can bring down the morale of the whole team.

Similarly, pay attention to humility - it can be strenuous to work with a person who views themselves as 'the next big thing' in the tech world. Hiring an egoist can harm your team's synergy and make it hard to get things accomplished, no matter how talented she or he is. In a team, every individual needs to perform at their very best, but also work as a part of a team.

7) Excellent communication skills

The best tech workers can express their ideas clearly, even to non-technical staff, and are able to ask enough questions to clarify any task. Good communication skills are what will ensure a project gets completed, and that the wider team is pleased with the end result.

8) Attention to detail

Technical workers need to be accurate. You're looking for someone who won't rush through steps and will complete jobs with thorough attention to detail and consistency.

When looking for tech candidates, it's easy to focus on their skills and competencies. However, finding a person with the right personal qualities and traits will help you ensure that he or she will be a right fit for your team and company into the future.