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World Employment Conference 2018

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Hosted by the National Recruitment Federation, the World Employment Conference took place on the 6th to the 8th June 2018 in the Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road, Dublin. With 500 delegates in attendance from over 60 countries, it was a great opportunity to showcase what the recruitment industry in Ireland has to offer. This aim of the conference is to educate and inspire, be highly interactive and allow the participants to network with others in their sector.

This year's theme was 'Managing the extended workforce'. Today's workforce is built on an extended group of individuals, whether they are internal employees, freelancers or consultants. The conference brought together a variety of high-calibre speakers, drawing experts from the employment and recruitment industry, HR practitioners, academics and policy makers. This was to explore the rise of this extended, just-in-time workforce and to seize new approaches and opportunities.

Cpl's Deputy CEO and COO, Mark Buckley, was part of an excellent panel discussion on 'Reskilling for the Future of Work'. Mark emphasised that more coherent information on skills demand is vital for businesses to be able to succeed in the future '25% or more of existing workforce will need to be reskilled or redeployed by 2023 due to automation'. He also discussed the skills shortage globally today, and the need for governments to incentivise the workforce and corporates to upskill staff and encourage companies to map out their skillset and workforce requirement together with automation, digitisation and AI in their sector or service.

Other topics discussed throughout the conference included; how to source and acquire talent, how to manage an extended workforce and how to build new forms of security and predictability for workers who are dispersed or remote.

We would like to thankthe National Recruitment Federation for the invitation.Cpl were delighted to attend and enjoyed taking part in the discussion.

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