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Attracting fresh talent through�Springboard�Courses

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It's well reported that Ireland is almost at full employment, and that the competition for talent is building. In addition, changes in the way we work, including AI and technological advancements, are increasing the need for upskilling and continuous learning.

Springboard+ courses 2018/2019

Springboard+ courses are designed to upskill workers and are based on annual analysis of where there are skills gaps, making Springboard+ a valuable asset for Irish businesses and jobseekers. Courses on offer for 2018/2019 include information and communications specific courses and ICT conversion courses to retrain graduates from other areas. For the first year Springboard courses are now open to employed people.

Springboard+ offers over 8,000 free places on a variety of 245 courses to:

  • People in employment
  • Those who have taken a career break or left work to focus on family
  • Unemployed or formerly self-employed people.

73% of these courses offer flexible learning options, making them suitable for a wide variety of people.

In a recent interview with the Irish Independent, Cpl Director Siobhan O'Shea discussed the benefits of Springboard+ courses - particularly for working mothers:

'A lot of women step away from their careers in order to take care of their children and find it incredibly difficult to come back to the workforce. There was a report by the IMF in May 2018, which stated that it was a challenge for women in Ireland to get the support needed to get back into the workforce after a few years away.

That's why Springboard+ is such an integral programme to have. The courses are free and most are part-time, which allows those with other commitments to refresh their skills and gives them confidence to come back to work.'

Siobhan continues'�

'It's a real positive for employers to have a more diverse workforce, diverse Springboard+ graduates lend a different perspective, a different life experience and a different skillset to the companies that hire them.'

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