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Cpl release new Employment Monitor research findings

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Cpl's Q2 2018 Employment Monitor revealed that a surprising 57% of employees would still put a pay rise ahead of flexible working options. The new generation of workers are thought to value a work-life balance over monetary gains but this may not always be the case. A culture of presenteeism is still apparent, with over 45% of employees admitting that there is a stigma attached to it.

You can read the full report below, which includes employment market analysis from Ronan Lyons, an economist at Trinity College Dublin and other findings, including:

  • Almost 70% of workers admit to being bored at work
  • � of employees want to change career
  • Almost 60% of workers staying in Ireland for the foreseeable future

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The information presented in the Cpl Employment Market Monitor is based on two main sources:

  • Cpl's Job Index - the number of new roles by category registered with Cpl month-on-month
  • Cpl's Sentiment Survey - feedback from jobseekers registered with Cpl, and employers nationwide