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Finding the right senior level talent - select people, not positions

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Human capital is often described as a company's greatest asset. People, particularly at the upper echelons of modern business lead, inspire and strategise. They are the face of a company and their personality is often intertwined with that of the business and its operations.

We all know that growing and sustaining business success is underpinned by having the right people, in the right jobs at the right time. However, doing this successfully and engaging and attracting the right people, is often a time intensive process which is best outsourced.

Finding the right executives for your business

In what is an ever-growing and increasingly crowded business community, highly concentrated with recruitment firms, finding one which is committed to really understanding your business and culture, while having industry smarts, can be the difference between driving continued success and flat-lining or stagnating.

When selecting an executive search firm to attract the right leaders for your business, consider if the recruitment firm will act as a good ambassador for your business. Their interactions and communications will impact upon the first impressions of your potential new leader.

It's always worth asking a series of very basic questions when embarking on a selection process. Questions such as:

  • Will this firm act as a credible ambassador for my organisation?
  • Does their industry/sectoral experience and knowledge align with our needs?
  • Does this service represent value for money?

Only when you've considered these questions and analysed the potential outcomes and outputs can confidence be applied to the commissioning of such a process. In addition to the above questions, it's also worth examining the companies track record and reputation.

Successful and long-established recruitment firms have longevity, not just because of industry experience, but because of relationships and successful outcomes formed on consistently delivering results. This principle is integral to the operations of Ardlinn as we pride ourselves on consistently delivering while maintaining long standing client and candidate relationships.

At Ardlinn, we strongly believe that the best candidate for the job is unlikely to be on the market, so our role is to identify and engage key executives within various organisations and sell the role, and our client's proposition to them.

Selecting people, not positions

  • Firstly, we define and clarify the role requirements. This includes analysing the challenges unique to our client and the role. This helps us to determine the priorities that will shape the search process.
  • Once the search strategy is agreed, we conduct targeted research into organisations and sectors to identify candidates with relevant skill-sets and qualifications, supplementing our extensive knowledge of and relationships with board directors and senior executives across industries and functions.
  • Having approached, engaged, interviewed and appraised candidates, we present our client with a shortlist of the most qualified individuals.
  • After the client has selected its preferred candidate, we conduct further background and reference checks and manage the negotiation, offer and acceptance process to complete the search.

Our team follow a robust process in meticulous detail from start to finish.

In all Executive Search projects, our key priority is to have a deep understanding of our client organisation and the role. This enables us to effectively sell the opportunity to candidates who are not actively looking for new opportunities.

We specialise in identifying and placing the very best talent in senior and executive roles across technology, life sciences and the professional services sectors.

Are you looking to find senior level talent that will help grow your business?

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