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Career advice & life lessons: Anne Heraty podcast

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In Episode 14 of Take it From the Top, a podcast by the Recruitment Innovation Exchange, Cpl CEO Anne Heraty discusses what inspired her to begin Cpl as a young recruiter in 1989, what is core to the success of the business, upcoming projects, innovations in AI and changes in the industry.

The Recruitment Innovation Exchange by Bullhorn sparks dialogue and collaboration among global enterprise leaders and influencers. As the only purpose-built, peer-to-peer content platform for the industry, RIX serves as a venue for thought-provoking discussions and value-added strategies.

On Take It from the Top, leaders within the recruitment industry are interviewed about various pressing topics within the sector. In this episode Anne shares the leaders who she admires, her top moments from her career so far, what is core to the success of Cpl, how AI and technology is beneficial to the recruitment industry and how relationships will always remain the core to good business.

Listen to Take it from the Top with Cpl CEO Anne Heraty