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The Gender Gap: Why it's Happening & What We Can Do About It

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‘Female talent remains one of the most-underutilised business resources, either squandered through lack of progression or untapped from the onset’, World Economic Forum.

When it comes to the gender equality issue, much of the focus is on the pay gap. While this is a critical issue in achieving professional equal footing, it is not the only issue at play. Ireland is set to make gender pay gap reporting mandatory, following in the steps of the UK which did the same in 2017.

It is a critical first step for a nation whose progress has faltered of late when it comes to the gender gap. However, we also need to ensure that women have the same career prospects as men – be it a promotion, bonus or simply being asked to lunch with the C-suite.

It is about making sure that women are seen, heard and valued. It makes good business sense to challenge the status quo and bring about gender equality in the workplace. Not fully utilising women in the global workforce means that businesses miss out on skills, ideas and perspectives that are essential for innovation and tackling global challenges.

In this whitepaper by Cpl's Future of Work Institute learn more about Ireland's Gender Pay Gap, the arguments for change and what can be done.

Download Gender Gap Whitepaper

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