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Disability Day Information Session at Cpl

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On Thursday, December 6th, Cpl hosted a 'Disability Day' information session at Cpl Percy Place to encourage a culture of inclusivity and highlight the positive impact those with a disability can have on the workplace. The event was also streamed live across all our regional offices in Ireland.

On the day we welcomed four truly incredible speakers who shared their stories about growing up and working with a disability, from a personal, parental and psychological perspective. The speakers were:

Dr Sinead Kane, a double Guinness world record holder and double PHD Doctorate who is legally blind.

'I can choose to be visionary or I can choose to be blind' sums up Sinead's inspirational talk. Sinead spoke with humour and honesty about growing up blind and the importance of having strong role models and learning from your failures, as much as your successes.

Sinead also highlighted the value of resilience and self-belief, highlighted through stories discussing her experiences running marathons internationally.

Ritchie Hogan, a recruitment consultant on the Cpl Sales team who has dyslexia, and is the parent of a child with dyslexia

Cpl recruitment consultant Ritchie spoke about growing up un-diagnosed and how important is to get your children checked if you think they might have a disability. Concluding his session Ritchie confidently stated he wouldn't change a thing.

'Despite all the frustrations of growing up with dyslexia, I wouldn't change it and if I was given the option of not having it at all I wouldn't take it. Dyslexia has contributed to who I am, given me the characteristics I have today, and I'd like to think shaped my personality and outlook on the world.' Read more about Ritchie's experiences in his Dyslexia, me and the workplace blog.

Aine Yap, the Director of the Irish Down Syndrome Sporting Org and parent of a child with a Down Syndrome - Cpl employee Mei Lin

�ine spoke with passion about the joys and struggles of raising a child with Down Syndrome. The key message was to be strong, be prepared to fight and don't let anyone tell you what limitations you or your child has. Speaking about Mei Lin Aine concluded her powerful talk with the line'� 'When I look back I think, what a struggle, but when I look at Mei Lin I think what a result.'

Dr Eric Lacey, a Psychologist and member of IDS-TILDA at Trinity College - where he has studied the impacts of ageing on those with disabilities

Eric who Is part of IDS-TILDA, a unique study which examines the ageing experience of individuals with an intellectual disability, spoke about the benefits and importance of accepting and working with those who are different to us - whether that is people with a disability or otherwise. A key lesson here was that we must embrace inclusivity, and actively include those with disabilities and difference, not just the idea of diversity.

Disabilities can be seen or unseen, acquired or inherited. Cpl works to support minorities and is proud to be a member of the Open Door Project and support those in our community who are struggling. Diverse talent is essential to creating effective solutions and process for our people, our clients and our candidates and we're proud to have a broad range of employees, who each come from different backgrounds and share a unique perspective.

We firmly believe that a disability, mental, physical or otherwise, can be a strength rather than a barrier.

Want to find out the Do's and Don'ts of hiring someone with a disability? Read Cpl employee Mei Lin's insightful article on her experience of finding a job as a woman with down syndrome and her advice for working and hiring a person with a disability.

For more information about the Open Doors Initiative, which Cpl is a proud founding member of, visit