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The 8 most popular Cpl articles of 2018

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Over the course of 2018, we’ve welcomed lots of new staff to the Cpl Group, said goodbye to some long-standing employees, been officially named as a Great Place to Work for the 4th year in a row and helped a lot of people find the right job for them. As well as that we’ve shared lots of career advice and article.

These are the 8 most read Cpl articles of 2018:

  1. Highest paying jobs in Ireland 2018

The importance of good company culture and good benefits have been discussed a lot this year, but a good wage still reigns at the top of most employees wish list.

This year our Salary Guide was downloaded over 20,000 times – showing a clear appetite for salary information across all sectors, while our most popular article of the year was the highest paying jobs in Ireland 2018.

  1. Sectors booming in Ireland 2018

A close second was our article on the industries in Ireland that were thriving and hiring this year. A new sector on the list this year was the HR industry, which is evolving rapidly as attracting and retaining the best people become more and more important to companies.

  1. Annual Leave Guide

How many bank holidays are there each year in Ireland? What happens if you’re sick during your time off? What holidays are you entitled to if you work part-time?

Our quick and easy guide to your annual leave entitlements answered all these questions and more.

  1. Jobs that will be needed in the future

This year we saw a big increase in interest in the topic of the future of work, how work will change and what this means for our jobs. This article which discusses what careers will be safe in the future was particularly popular.

  1. Most in demand job titles 2018

Earlier this year we asked our recruiters what jobs would be the most in demand for 2018, this infographic collects them all. Is your job on the list?

  1. Our 8 most popular CV advice blogs

Your CV is still the best way to clearly articulate your professional work experience and get yourself the interviews you really want. In this article, we share our most popular and helpful pieces of CV advice. A great blog to bookmark if you’re thinking of updating your CV in 2019.

  1. Your P45 explained

Early in 2018, it was announced that the traditional P45 would be replaced by an online system. If you’re unsure about when you need a P45 or how to get yours, these guidelines and FAQs should help make starting a new job much easier.

  1. What is Persuasive Management?

If you are a manager, or often lead team projects, perfecting your management technique is essential. This article makes the case for using the persuasive management technique.

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