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Emerging jobs for 2019

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The employment market for 2019 is set to be buoyant with new areas emerging across a number of industries. As the Irish market evolves, so do the requirements for new jobs and new skill sets. With data from our 2019 Salary Guide we have created a list of newly in-demand jobs and areas that will emerge in 2019. From a re-surging construction industry to evolving specialties within insurance, here are some of the emerging areas for 2019 to watch.

Construction  – Quantity Surveyor, Cost Manager, Civil & Structural Engineer

The construction sector in Ireland had a strong start to 2018 with faster increases in activity and the highest input costs in 11 years. This has created a resurged demand for construction professionals including quantity surveyors, cost managers and civil and structural engineers. Construction firms are looking to the year ahead with confidence which bodes well for those working in the industry.

Skills needed:

  • Broad knowledge of the Irish construction landscape
  • Problem solving skills
  • Methodical thinking skills

Construction Jobs

Languages – Senior Support Analyst & Customer Success Support

As Ireland becomes the home to the EMEA headquarters of more international companies like Google and Oracle, the need for multilingual talent has been amplified. Senior support analysts and customer success support professionals are becoming increasingly relevant in a globalised market with European languages and those from emerging markets being most valuable for 2019.

Skills needed:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Empathy

Language Jobs

Financial Services – Business Underwriters  & Credit Analysts

As the domestic demand for mortgages, motor and lending grows, roles such as business underwriters and credit analysts are re-emerging.  In 2017, 35,000 people drew home loans creating the need for professionals in this area again, similar to levels experienced during the property boom.

Skills needed:

  • Quantitative analysis skills
  • Experience with relevant financial technology
  • Communication skills

Financial Services Jobs

Insurance – Reinsurance

The outlook for the insurance industry is bright with the sector expected to grow to 35,000 by 2020. Reinsurance is an evolving speciality which will experience significant growth in 2019. The influence of Brexit means UK based companies plan to relocate to Dublin in the near future if they haven’t already, meaning a surged demand for professionals in this space.

Skills needed:

  • Strong analytical expertise
  • Research skills
  • Numerical & statistical skills

Insurance Jobs

Science – Professionals with CMC & Oncology qualifications/experience

Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) which encompasses all the activities associated with drug development and Oncology have become areas of huge growth in the Irish market. There has been significant investment in the biotech industry with immunology and cancer therapies specifically, leading to a significant demand for these professionals surfacing.

Skills needed:

  • Critical problem solving skills
  • Understanding of legal and regulatory issues
  • Ability to conduct expert data analysis

Science Jobs


Data Protection Officers

The arrival of GDPR legislation in May of 2018 led to the uprising of data protection officers. However, the deficit of this skill set in the Irish talent pool means companies often have to look abroad for suitable candidates in this area.

Data Analytics professionals

Companies are increasingly recognising the need to maximise the potential of their data to improve decision making and better drive business strategy. This has created new demand for professionals in this space including data analysts and data architects. This rise of data analytics has significantly slowed growth in more traditional areas such as BI and database.

Skills needed:

  • Data visualisation skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Ability to work with new technologies

Technology Jobs

Overall, it’s an extremely exciting time to be working in the Irish market, with so many industries expanding into new areas.

Looking to make more informed decisions about your career in 2019?

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