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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): what can be outsourced?

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing can be an invaluable service for any company that's looking to grow both their workforce and business effectively. Not only does it support your business when it needs it the most,but it enhances every step of your organisation's recruitment process.

Due to the flexibility of the service, companies can outsource part or all of their processes subject to their budget, which can reduce costs considerably. What kind of recruitment processes can be outsourced? We've listed 7 examples below.

Name generation and sourcing

An experienced RPO provider will have access to a large pool of candidates across all industries and verticals, as well as the expertise to market and advertise the roles effectively.

In the age of Artificial Intelligence, it's worth considering the technology behind the RPO provider's sourcing process. Do they have the most up-to-date tech to help match the right candidates for you with the right job opportunities as fast and efficiently as possible?

Recruitment marketing/Advertising strategy

There are literally hundreds of places where you can advertise a job, but crossing them all off will quickly eat into your recruitment budget.

An experienced RPO provider will ensure that your roles are advertised in the right places for the role and industry. Whether it's specific social media platforms, industry-specific forums, job boards or native platforms, every campaign will be handled strategically and effectively.

Candidate screening

Candidate screening is absolutely essential to ensure the candidate has the skills and potential social intelligence required to move forward in the interview process.

This ensures that the interview-to-hire ratio isn't skewed and the process is as quick and efficient as possible.

Interview Scheduling

The RPO provider will take care of every step of the interview process and scheduling according to the timelines provided by the client.

Testing and Selection

Selecting the right candidate is crucial, and your RPO provider should take careful and calculated steps in making an informed decision. An experienced RPO provider will have state-of-the-art reporting technologies so each and every requirement is fulfilled by the candidate.

Testing methods such as personality and psychometric tests may also be provided to outline the most efficient way to work with the candidate and onboard them at ease.

Drug screening background checking

Background checking ensures the employerthat the candidatehas the background, education, and experience claimed and required for the role.

An RPO provider can perform thorough background checks on behalf of your business so you can peace of mind before you make a formal job offer.

In some instances, as drug screening could also be required in the process.

Placement and onboarding

Ensuring that a new starter gets the best onboarding experience is crucial for staff retention. An RPO provider will create an onboarding process that reflects positively to your business and strengthens the company culture.

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